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Chiron Studies
Chiron Studies allows eligible students to design and teach official for-credit courses that are not currently offered by the university.

PSU students and faculty founded Chiron Studies in 1968 at a time of unprecedented student engagement and activism in this country. It is among the longest-running programs at the university.

These are UNST 199-level classes, which are generally applicable to students’ elective requirements. Chiron instructors work with faculty and peer mentors and are paid for their time and energy. Chiron classes are selected by a committee of dedicated PSU faculty, students, and alumni who also shape the vision and mission of the program. To ensure quality, there is a rigorous proposal process, and students and faculty evaluate Chiron classes multiple times throughout a given term. Chiron Studies offers valuable curriculum development, teaching, and learning experiences that are unavailable to students at most colleges and universities.

Faculty involvement is a cornerstone of the Chiron Studies program, and Chiron also offers faculty members unique opportunities, such as mentoring students who are developing curriculum and instructing classes for the first time and serving on our committee.