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Details about current term course offerings is available here. Please refer to the Portland State University Class Schedule website for registration and information and to the Portland State University Bulletin for official information about courses, degree programs, and requirements.

Summer 2016

CHEM 221 General Chemistry I Strothkamp, Kenneth Download
CHEM 222 General Chemistry II Strothkamp, Kenneth Download
CHEM 223 General Chemistry III Goforth, Andrea Download
CHEM 227 Lab for General Chemistry I Sheagley, Eric Download
CHEM 228
Lab for General Chemistry II
Sheagley, Eric Download
CHEM 229
Lab for General Chemistry III
Sheagley, Eric
CHEM 320 Quantitative Analysis Atkinson, Dean Download
CHEM 321 Quant Analysis Lab Atkinson, Dean Download
CHEM 334 Organic Chemistry I
Woods, Mark Download
CHEM 335 Organic Chemistry II Stuart, David Download
CHEM 336 Organic Chemistry III Woods, Mark Download
CHEM 337
Organic Chemistry Lab I Sandtorv, Alexander Download
CHEM 338 Organic Chemistry Lab II Sandtorv, Alexander Download
CHEM 350 Biochemistry Forquer, Isaac Download

Relevant classes at OHSU

CONJ 605A Literature in Structure-Function Biochemistry Perona, John Download
CONJ 661 Structure & Function of Biological Macromolecules

Farrens, Dave
Perona, John

CONJ 663 Bioregulation McCullough, Amanda Download
CONJ 664 Cell Biology Skach, Bill Download
CONJ 668 Molecular Biophysics & Experimental Bioinformatics Shinde, Ujwal Download
CONJ 669 Chemical Biology Valiyaveetil, Francis Download