The Department of Chemistry hosts eminent scholars from throughout the field of chemistry at our weekly seminar series.
NOTICE: With immediate effect and through Spring term 2020, the Department of Chemistry weekly seminar is cancelled.


Seminars are held on Friday afternoons from 3:15 to 4:20 PM in Room 107 of Science Building 1, 1025 SW Mill Street, unless otherwise noted.

Winter 2020

Jan. 10th

4th Year Chemistry Ph.D. Graduate Student Presentations

Portland State University

Jan. 17th

4th Year Chemistry Ph.D. Graduate Student Presentations

Portland State University

Jan. 24th

William DeBenedetti

Cornell University

Jan. 31st

Kara Stowers

Brigham Young University

Reduction and Oxidation: Two sides of a coin in heterogeneous catalysis

Feb. 7th

Sharon Neufeldt

Montana State University

Controlling Site Selectivity in Cross-Coupling Reactions

Feb. 14th

Brian Clare

Tricol Biomedical Inc.

Building a Better Bandage - Tricol Biomedical and Innovation in Hemostasis

Feb. 21st

Carl K. Brozek

University of Oregon

Redox Activity of Soft, Dynamic, and Porous Materials

Feb. 28th

Hans-Conrad zur Loye

University of South Carolina

Directed Synthesis of New Actinide Containing Oxides, Fluorides, and Chalcogenides


Tami Lasseter Clare

Portland State University

Pigment of your imagination: tales of artwork from a conservation science perspective

Spring 2020

Apr. 3rd

Marco Leona

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Colors of Space and Time: Japanese Painters and Printmakers Between Two Eras

Apr. 10th

Timothy Cook

University of Buffalo 

Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly of Functional Molecules and Materials

Apr. 17th

Stefan Wilhelm

The University of Oklahoma

Quantification of nanoparticle delivery to solid tumors at the cellular level

Apr. 24th

Elizabeth Skovran

San Jose State University

May 1st

Sarah Wengryniuk

Temple University

Novel Umpolung Transformations Enabled by Hypervalent Iodine Reagents

May 8th

Jessica VandenPlas

Grand Valley State University

May 15th

Richard Sheardy

Texas Woman's University


Chemistry Honors Symposium

Portland State University