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Past Seminars

Spring 2017

Apr. 7th

Kathleen Hall

Washington University School of Medicine

Folding of an rRNA GTPase Center RNA tertiary structure

Apr. 14th

Vince Rotello

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Interfacing Nanomaterials with Biology: From Delivery of SiRNA and CRISPR Machinery to Rapid Cell Phenotyping

Apr. 21st

Kimberly Beatty

Oregon Health & Science University

Chemical probes for hydrolases associated with Tuberculosis

Apr. 28th

Nancy Horton

University of Arizona

Regulation of Enzyme Activity via Filament Formation

May 5th

Tahir Ghani


Device Research Driving Future Nano-Electronics Scaling

May 19th

Scott Lewis

University of South Florida

The impact of students' study habits on academic success in General Chemistry

May 26th

Travis Lund

Oregon Institute of Technology

Characterizing the Awareness and Adoption of Research-Based Instructional Strategies among STEM Faculty

Jun. 9th

Chemistry M.A. and Honors Symposium



Jun. 16th

58th Annual Department of Chemistry Commencement & Awards Ceremony


Winter 2017

Jan. 13th


Travis Lund

Oregon Institute of Technology


Jan. 20th

Paul G. Tratnyek

Oregon Health & Science University

Redox Chemistry of Iron, Iron Oxides, and Iron Sulfides

Jan. 27th

Istvan Kiss

Saint Louis University

Chemical Reactions Far from Thermodynamic Equilibrium: Oscillations, Chaos, and Synchronization

Feb. 3rd

Eric Ferreira

University of Georgia

Transition Metal Catalysis toward Synthetic Utility

Feb. 10th

Nicolay Tsarevsky

Southern Methodist University

Functional Branched Polymers: From Synthesis to Applications

Feb. 17th

Gang-yu Liu

University of California, Davis

Engineered Nanostructures for Regulation and Investigation of Cellular Signaling Processes

Feb. 24th

Pamela Cassidy

Oregon Health & Science University

Antioxidants are good for you, except when they're not: examining the role(s) of selenium-and thiol-based antioxidants in melanoma

Mar. 3rd

Timothy Newhouse

Yale University

Mechanistically-Defined Methods for Synthesis of Neuroactive Small Molecules

Mar. 10th

Chemistry Graduate Student Seminar

Austin Shigemoto

Thiophene-based molecular sensors towards the selective detection of mercury

Carolyn Virca

Computational investigation of catalytic hydrogen production by nickel pyridinethiolate-type catalysts

Mar. 17th

Joe Fox

University of Delaware

Fast Bioorthogonal Chemistry: Discovery, Development, and Applications

Fall 2016

Sept. 30th

Curtis Berlinguette

University of British Columbia

Solar chemistry at the interface

Oct. 7th

David Tyler

University of Oregon

Organometallic Catalysis in Aqueous Solution

Oct. 14th

PSU Alumni Seminar: Tinashe B Ruwona

Center for Infectious Diseases

Fine mapping of murine antibody responses to immunization with a novel soluble form of HCV glycoprotein

Oct. 21st

Brian Popp

West Virginia University

Reductive Carboxylation of Alkenes using Base Metal Catalysts

Nov. 4th

Oliver Steinbock

The Florida State University

Is it Alive? From Biomorphs and Chemical Gardens to the Origin of Life

Nov. 18th

Vincente Talanquer

University of Arizona

Exploring Student Reasoning to Support Better Teaching

Dec. 2nd

Eric Schelter

University of Pennsylvania

Opportunities in Sustainability, Recycling and Photochemistry for the Rare Earth Elements

Dec. 8th

William Peters

University of Colorado

Coincidence Spectroscopy with Ultrafast Vacuum-UV Lasers

Dec. 15th

Manoj Kumar

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Modeling the Role of Catalysis in Planetary Processes

Spring 2016

Apr. 1st

Erik Sanchez

Portland State University

From Nantennas to Neutrals: New Nanoscale Image Techniques

Apr. 4th

304 SB1

Andrew Greytak

University of South Carolina

Quantum Dot Purification and Metrics for Rational Control of Shell Growth, Ligand Exchange, and Quantum Yield

Apr. 8th

Shannon Stahl

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aerobic Oxidation Reactions for Organic Chemical Synthesis

Apr. 15th

Jyllian Kemsley

Chemical & Engineering News

From the Safety Beat: The UCLA Fatality and Beyond

Apr. 22nd

Chris Vanderwal

University of California, Irvine

Chemical Synthesis of Complex Bioactive Natural Products

Apr. 25th

SB1 304

John A. Cooper

Cooper Environmental Services LLC

Measurement of Air Toxic Chemicals

Apr. 29th

Marion Emmert

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Breaking Strong Bonds and Recovering Rare Earths: Adventures in Sustainable Chemistry

May 6th

Rendy Kartika

Louisiana State University

New Chemistries with Oxyallyl Cations

May 13th

John W. Peters

Montana State University

Electron bifurcation: The recently recognized 3rd mechanism of biological energy conservation

May 20th

Ryan Hili

University of Georgia

Expanding the Chemistry of DNA

May 27th

Chemistry MA Presentations

Tina Ganguly

From pharmacology to chemistry: tale of triazole scaffold as pharmaceutical drugs

Mitra Ghobadi

Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of Copper Nanowires in a solution based approach

Jun 3rd

Chemistry Honors Presentations

Portland State University

Winter 2016

Jan. 8th

Reuben Simoyi

Portland State University

How Does Nature Choose? Spatiotemporal Patterns: From Stripes to Spots

Jan. 15th

J. Scott McIndoe

University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Catalytic Reaction Mechanism Elucidation via Real Time Analysis

Jan. 29th

Christopher Beaudry

Oregon State University

Total Synthesis of Natural Products with Conformational Chirality

Feb. 5th

Norbert Reich

University of California, Santa Barbara

How bacterial and human DNA methyltransferases contribute to the cell cycle, aging and tumorigenesis

Feb. 12th

Prue Talbot

University of California, Riverside


Feb. 17th

David Scheschkewitz

Saarland University

Functionalisation and Stepwise Expansion of Stable Unsaturated Silicon Clusters (Siliconoids)

Feb. 19th

Ryan Mehl

Oregon State University

Ideal Bioorthogonal Ligations

Feb. 26th

Gojko Lalic

University of Washington

Copper catalysis: From hydroamination of alkenes to the synthesis of fluorinated compounds

Mar. 4th

Chemistry Graduate Student Seminar

Portland State University

Tharuka Jayathilaka Self-Assembly of RNA in a Prebiotic System
Thomas Seidl The Preparation of Diaryliodonium Salts and Their Application in Organic Synthesis
Sunil Sundalam The Discovery and Development of New Arylation Reactions with Unsymmetrical Diaryliodonium Salts

Mar. 11th

Chemistry Graduate Student Seminar

Portland State University

Capri Price  Early detection of corrosion via spectroelectrochemical methods
Christine Radlinger An investigation of intrinsic photoluminescence from silicon nanoparticles

Fall 2015

Date Seminar
Oct. 2nd

Erik Johansson

Portland State University

Synthesis and electrochemistry of nano- to millimeter-sized metal chalcogenides

Oct. 9th

Michael Haley

University of Oregon

Phenyl-Acetylene Scaffolding as Receptors for Anions: Synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry and Emerging Applications

Oct. 16th

Amber Krummel

Colorado State University

Illuminating the Structure & Dynamics of Dye Molecules in the Condensed Phase with Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

Oct. 23rd

Travis Williams

University of Southern California

 Controlling Metal-Ligand Coordination from the Second Sphere: Applications from Energy Storage to MRI Imaging

Oct. 30th

Thomas Santangelo

Colorado State University

Mechanistic insights of archaeal transcription

Nov. 13th

Ken Ward

Pacific Diabetes Technologies

Selected Biochemical Investigations in the field of Diabetes Mellitus (Glucose Sensors and Glucagon)

Nov. 20th

Jeanne Link

Oregon Health and Science University

Radiosynthesis of Short-Lived Radiochemicals and Radiopharmaceuticals Challenges for Organic Synthesis

Nov. 24th

Ric Kaner

University of California, Los Angeles

Synthesis and applications of conducting polymer nanofibers

Dec. 4th

Laurel Schafer

The University of British Columbia

Early Transition Metal C-H Alkylation Hydroaminoalkylation for the Synthesis of Amine Containing Materials and Small Molecules

Spring 2015

Date Seminar
Mar. 25th

Mathias Brust

University of Liverpool

Gold Nanoparticles as Photo- and Electrochemical Agents

Room 247, Science Research and Teaching Center (SRTC), 1719 SW 10th Street

Apr. 3rd

David L. Patrick

Western Washington University

Nanomaterials and Nanostructures For Light Management in Luminescent Solar Concentrators

Apr. 10th

Sarah Reisman

California Institute of Technology

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Natural Products and the Chemistry they Inspire

Apr. 17th

Tomislav Rovis

Colorado State University

From Conventional Ligands to Engineered Enzymers: Rh(III) Catalysis for C-H Activation

Apr. 24th

Donald Stedman

University of Denver

The Science and Politics of Mobile Source Emissions a.k.a. emissions of pollutants from cars and trucks

May 1st

Michael Ibba

Ohio State University

Translation Quality Control Mediates Microbial Stress Responses

May 15th

Gary F. Moore

Arizona State University

Hybrid Materials for Solar Fuel Production

May 22nd

Chemistry Graduate Student Presentations

Sammy Khalil & Chun Lee

May 29th

Chemistry Honor Student Presentations

Portland State University

Winter 2015

Jan. 9th

Tami Lasseter Clare

Portland State University

Electrochemistry in the service of artwork

Jan. 16th

Alberto Munuzuri

Harvard University

Cooperative behavior in a set of nonlinear chemical oscillators

Jan. 23rd

Kyril Solntsev

Georgia Institute of Technology

Photoinduced processes in the Green Fluorescent Protein synthetic chromophores

Jan. 30th

Tom Scanlan

Oregon Health & Science University

Discovery and Development of Selective Thyroid Hormone Agonists

Feb. 13th

Beth Habecker

Oregon Health & Science University

Novel Therapeutics for Nerve Regeneration

Feb. 20th

Brett Helms

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Collodial Nanocrystal Frameworks

Feb. 27th

Loren Williams

Georgia Institute of Technology

Molecular Symbionts: RNA, Protein and the Origin of Biology

Mar. 6th

Noah Burns

Standford University

A Strategy for Selective Halogenation

Mar. 13th

Matthew J. Allen

Wayne State University

Aqueous Lanthanide Chemistry

Fall 2014

Date Seminar
Oct. 3rd

James Batteas, Ph.D.

Texas A&M University

Oct. 10th

Jim Hutchison, Ph.D.

University of Oregon

Greener nanoscience: Advancing sustainable solutions through molecular-level design

Oct. 17th

David Fox, Ph.D.

Los Alamos National Lab

Bioenergy Security to Public Health: A Compendium of Interdisciplinary Studies

Oct. 24th

David Britt, Ph.D.

University of California, Davis

Biosynthesis of the Catalytic H-Cluster of [FeFe] Hydrogenase

Oct. 31st

Jim Pankow, Ph.D. & David Peyton, Ph.D.

Portland State University

The Chemistry of Cigarette Smoke and E-Cigarette Aerosols: Chemical Principles & New Measurements

Attendees are invited to wear a costume or accessorize with a tobacco or E-cigarette-related item for this spooky Halloween seminar

Nov. 7th

Michael R. Detty, Ph.D.

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Heavy Chalcogen Analogues of the Rhodamine and Pyrylium Dyes: Design of Chemical and Photophysical Properties

Nov. 14th

Gary Molander, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

A Novel Mechanistic Paradigm for Cross-Coupling

Dec. 5th

Andrew J. Boydston, Ph.D.

University of Washington

Polymer Mechanochemistry for the Triggered Release of Small Molecules

Spring 2014

Date Seminar
Apr. 4th

Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong

Oregon State University

Strategic Applications of Chemical Theory and Computations to Organic Synthesis and Material Science

Apr. 11th

Julie Maupin-Furlow

University of Florida

Archael ubiquitinfold proteins with dual function in peptide bond formation and sulfur transfer

Apr. 25th

Clifton E. Barry III

National Institute of Health

How can chemistry contribute to the fight against tuberculosis?

May 2nd

Jonathan Abramson

Portland State University

Rational Design of Novel Drugs to Treat Ventricular Arrhythmias

May 9th

Partick Poletti, Graduate Student


Evidence for reactive reduced phosphorus species in the early Archean Ocean

May 16th

Juan Alfonzo

Ohio State University

tRNA editing and modification in trypanosomes: Though this be madness yet there is method

May 23rd

Biswarup Mukhopadhyay

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech

Development of biological sulfate reduction and thioredoxin systems and mathanogenic archaea

May 30th

Honors Symposium

PSU Chemistry Honor Students: Tess Harris & Colin Hiatt