Barbera Chemistry Education Research
Bridging the Chemistry Education and Psychometrics Communities since 2007.

Psychometrics is a field of study focused on the theory and practice of psychological and educational measurement. Research in this field focuses on the objective measurement of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor skills and the development of measurement theories such as Item Response Theory. Work in psychometrics includes the construction and validation of assessment instruments.

How does the Barbera research group utilize psychometrics to improve chemistry education?

In the group we...

  • strive to make high quality measurements.
  • undertake in-depth studies of the validity of assessment data.
  • have developed instruments for a number of chemistry content areas.
  • collaborate with Educational Psychologists to apapt measures of motivation for use in chemistry.
  • promote best practices in instrument development and use.

Information about the Chemistry Education Research (CER) doctoral program at Portland State University can be found here.

PDF iconCER Program Outline.pdf