Registration Instructions

Before you Start the Registration Process 

Determine whether you will need to upload any documentation in order to complete your registration. This is the case if:

  • You have less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA.  You will need to upload a transcript for consideration.
  • You are eligible for financial aid. You will need to upload either your Free or Reduced lunch letter from this year or last year, or a school-issued letter verifying need (usually from a counselor or teacher).

Click here to:   REGISTER


Enter your preferred email (the one you check most frequently as this will be critical to completing registration). Based on your email address, the system will determine if:


  • You are New to PSU - you will be asked to check your email to verify your identity


  • You are a Returning Student and have an existing PSU account - you will be given your Odin username. Follow the steps to activate your account or reset your password. Go to to reset password


Spring Registration Deadline is May 15th, 2020

Drop deadline has been changed to May 18th, 2020


Challenge Program 2019-20 Deadlines

Term    Mapping         Reg Deadline     Drop Deadline     

Fall         Quarter           Oct 1, 2019        Oct 24, 2019           

               Semester        Oct 1, 2019        Nov 7, 2019          

               Year-long       Oct 1, 2019        May 18, 2020        

Winter     Quarter           Feb 18, 2020      March 5, 2020            

               Semester        Feb 18, 2020      May 18, 2020          

Spring     Quarter          May 15, 2020      May 18, 2020