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Meet Professor Tanya Romaniuk
Meet Professor Tanya Romaniuk

Research Interests

Broadcast talk

Conversation Analysis

Communication in institutions

Communication and Gender


Dr. Tanya Romaniuk’s primary research interests are in language and social interaction in a wide variety of contexts including broadcast talk, courtroom interaction and ordinary conversation.  Most of her work, including her doctoral research, deals with the analysis of language using interaction-centered and critical approaches to communication, particularly in institutional settings.  Her recent research concerns participants' methodical, communicative practices and resources (e.g., laughter) that allow them to deal with setting-specific interactional problems associated with the role-specific activities in which they are engaged.  She also studies the role of gender in communication—specifically, how analysts make claims about its relevance in qualitative research—and the discursive construction and representation of gendered identities in mediated forms of political discourse.  Dr. Romaniuk’s research has been funded by The Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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