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Program Overview - Customized Training

Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) Customized Education programs meet your organization’s needs and deliver high ROI. Our instructors are seasoned professionals who teach your people from real-world experience.

In house training topics include most of the courses and programs that CEPE offers. We can customize those sessions in almost any way you require. Here are several of our most popular onsite training topics:

Project Management
Our eight-day certificate in Project Management is tremendously popular throughout the Pacific Northwest. Participants learn a mix of planning and team-leadership skills to guide any project to success.

Performance Management
This four-session program gives new and experience managers and supervisors the tools to effectively manage their people. We teach goal setting techniques, coaching and mentoring tools, and skills for conducting productive performance reviews, especially if those conversations are going to difficult.

Facilitation Skills
This two-day course provides your employees the skills to lead meetings effectively and otherwise succeed in all manner of group facilitation situations in the workplace.

Communications and Teamwork
This two-day session gives the essentials in effective workplace communications, beginning with a better understanding of ourselves and those around us, and ending with tips for improving written and verbal communication.

Business Writing
Our multisession business writing program gives participants a chance to learn writing and communication skills in the classroom, with time between sessions to complete assignments that apply learning to the workplace.

These sessions can take your high-potential workers in any discipline and turn them into effective on-the-job-trainers for co-workers. Learn about how adults learn and techniques to connect with adult learning in the workplace.

These are just samples of what we can do. We can shorten and lengthen these and other programs to fit your timeline and budget. Contact Michelle Giovannozzi via email or at 503.719.7922 to discuss your particular needs.