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BH325 Culture, Communication, and Conflict

Certificate Track: Human Resource Management

 As our workplaces become increasingly diverse, understanding culture and its effect on communication and conflict is more important than ever. In this course you will investigate how differences in culture, values and communication styles can affect teamwork, productivity and communication - often resulting in conflict.

What You Cover

  • Practice skills for communicating and resolving conflicts across cultures
  • Tools for reducing and managing conflict in a cross-cultural environment
  • Building mutually respectful relationships with colleagues and teammates

How You Benefit

  • Discover the depth and importance of cultural values and how they play out in the the workplace
  • Understand how cultural differences can affect productivity, absenteeism, motivation and the decision-making process

Cost: $549
Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

Instructor Profile: Lilian Tsai
Lilian Tsai Human Resource Management Culture Communication and Conflict Portland State University Center for Executive and Professional EducationLillian A. Tsai, has been working with a plethora of organizations from government, non-profit to global corporations on cross-cultural competency and communications, and diversity & inclusion (D&I) since 2005. This includes:

  • Assessments and gap analysis of organizational effectiveness as it relates to cultural competence and/or diversity/inclusion.
  • Design and facilitation of cross-cultural communications, cultural competence or diversity and inclusion training programs across departments and within teams (team interventions).
  • Keynote speaker on topics related to diverse workforce, global communications and/or cultural competence.
  • Coaching of executives and managers who lead diverse work teams.
  • 1:1 coaching of foreign- and U.S.-born persons of color.
  • Culture and business workshops for Working with Asians, China, Malaysia or Singapore.
  • Making recommendations for and the implementation of strategic Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and/or diversity & inclusion councils.

Management of Human Resources(BH101) is strongly recommended as the first course, especially for those entering the certificate program with less than two years experience in the field.

Interested in bringing this course onsite? Please contact Melissa Endicott.

Applies to the following certificate:
Human Resource Management