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AO401: Introduction to the Athletic and Outdoor Industry
AO402: Athletic and Outdoor Product Planning 
AO403: Athletic and Outdoor Material Sourcing
AO404: Athletic and Outdoor Merchandise Management 
AO405: Athletic and Outdoor Branding and Positioning

BA110: Planning and Monitoring
BA111: Getting the Requirements Right
BA112: Creating Strong Recommendations
BA113: Assessing and Validating Solutions
BA114: Strategic Business Analysis
BA136: CCBA/CBAP Exam Prep Boot Camp

BV149: Essentials of Professional Communication
BV150: Professional Writing

BV153: Culture Competance in the Workplace
BV154: Writing for Digital Media 
BV156: Negotiation & Persuasion 

BB401: Basic Business for Craft Beverages
BB402: Craft Beverage Business Management
BB403: Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing
BB404: Finance and Accounting for Craft Beverages 
BB405: Craft Beverage Distribution
MG401: Finance
MG402: Strategy
MG403: Communication
MG404: Innovation
MG405: Leadership
CC401: Introduction to Construction Contracting (Online)
CC402: Contracting for Design Services (Online)
CC403: Construction Contracting Tools (Online)
CC404: Alternative Construction Method (Online)
WM401: Introduction to Digital Strategies
WM411: Content Strategy
WM403: Social Media Marketing
WM402: Search Engine Marketing
WM404: Analytics
WM405: Digital Media Integration
  BH101: Management of Human Resources
BH302: Employee and Labor Relations
BH102: Basic Principles of Equal Employment Opportunity
BH311: Benefits Management
BH314: Talent Acquisition, Selection, and Retention
BH435: Conflict Resolution for HR Professionals 
BH103: Compensation
BH206: Effective Training Design and Evaluation
BH210: Influence and Leadership: Skills for HR Professionals
BH455: Finance for HR Professionals
BH458: PHR/SPHR Exam Prep Boot Camp (Online)
SS499: Lean & Six Sigma Intro and Overview
BE800: Lean Practitioner Project Planning & Final Exam
BE808: Fundamentals of Lean
BE813: Lean Daily Management
BE809: Learning to Improve: The Kaizen Way
BE812: Flow Design & Value Stream Management
BE816: Standardized Work and The Visual Workplace
BE503: Root Cause Analysis and Measurement
  BE901: The Fundamentals of Lean Leadership
BE902: Strategic Deployment
BE903: Toyota Kata and Situational Leadership
BE904: Planning and Implementing Lean Daily Management
BE905: Authentic Leadership
PR401: Intro to Strategic Communications & Public Relations
PR402: Developing the Strategic PR Plan 
PR403: Modern Writing for PR
PR404: Crisis Communications & Image Management
BP111: Project Planning and Organization 
BP110: Project Management Communications and Teamwork 
BP113: Project Execution and Management 
BP115: Project Leadership and Conflict Management
BP141: Agile Project Management
BP135: PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp

SS499: Lean & Six Sigma Intro and Overview
SS500: Six Sigma Project Definition and Planning
SS501: Systematic Problem Solving
SS502: Intro to Statistical Methods
SS503: Statistical Process Control (SPC)
SS504: Measurement System Analysis
SS505: Intro to Design of Experiments (DOE)
SS506: Green Belt Exam and Reporting 
SS507: Intermediate Design of Experiments (DOE)
SS508: Six Sigma Project Coaching
SS509: Leading Effective Project Teams
SS510: Correlation and Regression Analysis

SS511: Hypothesis Testing for Observational Data
SS512: Black Belt Exam and Project Reporting


BO202: Organizational Performance and Improvement Strategies
BO210: Change Management: Planning and Implementation
Strategic Teamwork
Strategic Program Evaluation

SC401: Intro to Supply Chain Management
SC402: Strategic Sourcing and the Procurement Process
SC403: Operations and Logistics Management
SC404: Supply Chain Sustainability and Social Responsibility
SC405: Supply Chain Finance and Optimization
SC406: Supplier Relationship Management
SC407: Project Management for the Supply Chain

BT598: Tax Practitioners Institute