Aquatic Bioinvasion Research and Policy Institute

The Aquatic Bioinvasion Research and Policy Institute (ABRPI), is a joint initiative between Portland State University and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC).  Its primary goal is to advance an array of collaborative and coordinated research, education and outreach activities that focus on the biological aspects of invasions in aquatic (marine and freshwater) ecosystems. 

The Institute addresses critical gaps in science and management of aquatic bioinvasions across several key areas: 

  • Drivers of current spatial and temporal patterns of invasions;
  • Ecological effects of biological invasions;
  • Policy, trade and economic dimensions of biological invasions;
  • Roles of shipping and other transfer mechanisms in species dispersal;
  • Coordination of ballast water reporting between Federal and State programs;
  • Assessing hull fouling as a vector of invasive species;
  • Factors that affect aquatic ecosystems' susceptibility for invasion;
  • Effectiveness of strategies in reducing species transfer, invasion establishment, and invasion impacts;
  • Transmission, epidemiology, and effects of non-native parasites and pathogens, including those that infect humans, fisheries species, and other aquatic organisms.