Zeiss Sigma VP FEG SEM


A variable pressure field emission SEM equipped with Oxford EDS/WDS detectors and E-beam lithography system. 1.3-nm imaging resolution is achievable at 20kV. The microscope is ideal for organic and inorganic materials, geology, biological samples with a capability of elemental composition analysis and comprehensive pattern generation.

Key features

  • HT: 100V~30kV
  • Resolution: 1.3nm
  • Vacuum: Low / High vacuum
  • Magnification: 30x~1,000,000x
  • Tilt: -10° to +75°
  • Rotation: 0 to 360 degree


  • Oxford EDX/WDX detector
  • E-Beam lithography system


  • SE/BSE imaging
  • EDX/WDX composition analysis
  • E-beam lithography

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