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Sample Preparation Facilities

Fishchione Plasma Cleaner (Model 1020)

Bright field STEM/ dark field STEMPlasma, 25% O2 in Ar, oil-free vacuum system. Easy to use, no damage to specimen, cleaning of both TEM and SEM specimen, preventing of contamination.

PELCO 91000 Sputter Coater

Plasma, coating, Au-Pd target, improvement of specimen conductivity

EMS 950 Turbo Evaporator

The EMS 950 Turbo Evaporator is a high vacuum carbon evaporator for TEM/SEM carbon coating or support film preparation. The unit has a turbo pump, externally mounted for convenience and easy exchange, and is backed up by a Rotary Vacuum Pump. The complete pumping sequence is under fully automatic control, achieving a high vacuum for evaporation.

EMS 150 Film Thickness Monitor

The EMS 150 consists of a Control Unit external to the instrument and a Crystal Holder with an Interconnection Lead and Pre-Amplifier. In addition, it has a vacuum collar to suit the appropriate Instrument Chamber.

EMS 100 Glow Discharge Unit

The EMS 100 is a simple, free-standing glow discharge system, typically used for hydrophobic to hydrophilic conversion of carbon coated TEM grids.

LADD Critical Point Dryer

Carbon dioxide liquid, critical point of liquid and gas, dehydrates biological specimens for scanning electron microscopy while preserving the structure of the tissue.

High Tech Products, INC., TechPrep Precision Polishing Machine (Allied)

Automatic sample rotation with 8 speeds, Provides excellent precision polishing ability.

Gatan TEM Specimen Preparation Kits

Low-speed sawing machine, Gatan UltraSonic Disc Cutter (Model 601), Gatan Disc Puncher, Gatan Grinder (Model 623), Ultrasonic cleaner

Thin section cut out of bulk specimen, fabrication of standard 3 mm diameter disk, dimple grinding, ultrasonic cleaning, ion milling.

Gatan UltraSonic Disc Cutter (Model 601)

It is best used in cutting discs from brittle materials such as ceramics, semiconductors and minerals.

Gatan Disc Puncher

This is the preferred method for cutting TEM discs from metals, alloys and all ductile materials.

Gatan Grinder (Model 623)

Pre-thins and polishes samples precisely to reduce ion milling times and improve quality.