Transfer Student Services: Virtual Transfer Center
Author: Joan Jagodnik
Posted: March 6, 2013

The majority of undergraduates (over 60%) who attend PSU transferred here from other institutions.  Many of these students transfer from our local community colleges, but also from other Oregon universities as well as from colleges and universities in other states. 

Transfer students often tell us they have trouble finding the information they need on our website. Their concerns are often different than those of first-time freshmen and their searches on our site reflect this. Transfer students asked for help, and we listened. In February, Joan Jagodnik and Monica Van Steenberg of Transfer Student Services and Community College Relations unveiled a new and improved Transfer Student Services website:

This Virtual Transfer Center provides answers to a series of frequently asked questions, such as “how will my credits transfer?” and “what do I do now that I’m admitted?” Features also include an interactive form that allows students to share transfer tips, as well as a section devoted to transfer student success stories and a calendar of all transfer-related events. The topics on the new site were created in response to recent student surveys in addition to feedback from students as well as EMSA personnel who regularly interact with new and prospective transfer students.

The new site is designed to act as a resource not only for prospective students and applicants, but also for transfer students transitioning through their first year at Portland State. Additionally, faculty and staff at Portland State and our partner schools are served by this website, which aims to provide a one-stop portal into the wealth of information on Portland State’s website. Rather than duplicating information already available on the web, the Transfer Student Services website directs students to existing webpages in addition to providing new content for areas not formerly addressed online.

The Virtual Transfer Center is one step forward in providing more services to help attract and retain transfer students. Future plans include a physical space for a Transfer Center where prospective and newly admitted transfer students can receive comprehensive service to help them succeed at PSU.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome – please send an email with your thoughts to

If you have questions, please contact Transfer Student Services and Community College Relations:

Joan Jagodnik | Director | 503.725.8387

Monica Van Steenberg | Transfer Admission Specialist 503.725.3470