Strong PSU Showing at Angel Oregon 2013
Author: Emily Ediger
Posted: April 5, 2013

OEN’s Angel Oregon 2013 is around the corner- and two finalist PSU student teams and one Accelerator company are busy honing their pitches.

The signature angel investment competition, sponsored by Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN), awards at least $200,000 in cash investment- not to mention a feast of investor help and attention. Accelerator startup Indie Vinos is a finalist in the Launch Stage category of this year’s competition, where the big investment prize is awarded. Accelerator companies have a long history of securing investments starting in 2009 with DesignMedix and WeoGeo, and continuing in 2011 with OpenSesame and 2012 with Tellagence.  Many of these winners coincidentally resided at one time in the Accelerator ‘Hall of Fame,’ named after the long train of winners.

Josh Blank, senior VP of OpenSesame, said that Angel Oregon was valuable beyond the funds. “I learned how to explain our business at a high level with people who are unfamiliar with our industry or products,” he said.  That sentiment was echoed by PSU doctoral student and Tellagence co-founder Nitin Mayande. “It gave us a good exposure to the entrepreneurial and investor community in Portland.”

PSU is a supporting sponsor for the event. The Accelerator hosted Upstart Day, where 25 concept-stage companies experienced a day-long dive into investor feedback and an education on the nuts and bolts of startups. Five were PSU student teams, including Comitium, PressVi, Honeycomb and Green Innovations. The latter two are finalists and will present on the Angel Oregon stage April 17. Good luck to our PSU entrants, Indie Vinos, Green Innovations and Honeycomb!