The Oregonian: Portland State University students release report, suggestions for North Lombard Street
Author: Casey Parks, The Oregonian
Posted: May 9, 2013

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After two months of reaching out to residents who live near North Lombard Street, a group of Portland State University graduate students has established goals for its project, Lombard Re-Imagined.

In a Tuesday open house, the students, part of the school's urban and regional planning graduate program, released results from a survey of 800 residents. From that survey, the group developed goals for the busy arterial. The goals aim to make Lombard safer, more attractive and more vibrant. They also aim to bring more businesses to Lombard and recruit more community volunteers to advocate for the changes.

For each goal, the students suggested a few options of plans for achieving them. For instance, to bring more businesses to Lombard, the report urges residents to form a business district to market the Peninsular-Greeley and Denver-Interstate commercial districts.

The report also encourages several zoning changes along Lombard. A change from CG to CS, for instance, would encourage mixed-use developments to come to Lombard. A change from CN2 to CN1 zoning would prevent future drive-throughs and gas stations from opening on Lombard.

The report also analyzed the pros and cons of adding curb extensions, median islands and HAWK signals. It also compares the safety of a three-lane version of Lombard to the current four-lane configuration.

The report is thorough, with complex strategies developed for each goal. The whole study is online, and sesidents can comment on each of the proposals there until May 15. If you want to join a Friends of Lombard group, aimed at accomplishing the goals, email

-- Casey Parks