FEI Tecnai F-20 TEM/STEM

The microscope is designed for both high resolution (Point resolution: 2.4Å) and analytical microscopy (energy resolution: 0.9eV). The microscope is equipped with: (1) Gatan DF/BF detector for STEM; (2) Gatan GIF 2001 system for EELS and EFTEM; (3) Oxford Instruments EDX detector for chemical information; (4) Gatan ultrascan CCD (2kx2k); (5) Oxford cryo- holder. It is ideal for micro and nano probe work including: HAADF STEM, nanodiffraction, spatially resolved EELS and EDS, HREM, EFTEM etc.


Key features

  • HT: 80~200kV
  • Point resolution: 2.4Å
  • STEM resolution: 1.9Å
  • Energy resolution: 0.9eV
  • TEM Magnification: 25x~910kx
  • STEM Magnification :10K~230M
  • Tilt: ±40°


  • Gatan GIF 2001
  • Cryo-holder
  • Oxford Silicon drift detector for EDX


  • TEM/STEM imaging
  • Diffraction
  • EDX/EELS composition analysis


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