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Data Policy

Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication is a core research facility at Portland State University.

Types of Data:


Materials provided by staff or customers for the purpose of analysis.

Images of Samples

Typically these are either electron or optical images usually saved in tiff, jpg, dm3 or other digital format.


Typically from EDS, WDS or EELS that may be in an instrument proprietary format or saved to another standard e.g. html, ASCII, or MS Word.

Customer Information

This includes lists of customers, customer contact information, rates, etc.

Data Generally Fall Into One of Three Categories:

Publicly Available

Generally this includes scholarly work and data stored on the our website and data storage servers unless it is restricted by copyright, patent, intellectual property or proprietary data.


Data is considered to be confidential if it is covered by a nondisclosure agreement, intellectual property, other proprietary data or patent.


Data that can not be shared due to restrictions by local, state, national or international regulations.

Use of Data:

We support a policy of data sharing so our users and others can engage in scholarly activity.

We will attempt to maintain publically available data for five years on our website and data servers.   If the volume of data exceeds the capacity of our servers we may delete data sooner.

If an investigator leaves the institution and intends to continue their work data should be transferred to the new institution.  A copy of the data should be provided to the investigators supervisor at PSU and PSU Research Administration.

Academic users can request that we not share their data until such time as their research is published in a timely manner.  If one year after completion of research, the data has not been published we will release any public data on our servers.

Requests for publically available data can be made to the lab manager.  Our management will release any data that is not confidential or restricted upon request.  If the lab manager can not determine if data is public it will be treated as confidential or restricted.

There is no data retention requirement for confidential or restricted data.  Confidential or Restricted data is not allowed to be stored on our instruments or public servers.  The owner of any confidential or restricted data is required to delete all data obtained in our facilities from our instruments and servers upon completion of their session.  The owner of confidential or restricted data agrees to follow any applicable laws or regulations.

We may copyright data from our website or data servers unless the data is copyrighted by its owner, patented or is other intellectual property.  Examples of copyrighted data include manuals written by our staff, application notices, images of samples, spectroscopy and presentations (either oral or written). 

Generally we will allow others to use our copyrighted data with written permission of the lab manager.

-We will retain all rights to copyrighted data and other intellectual property.

-The Center for Electron Microscopy and our staff and authors must be sighted.

-The use is for academic or other scholarly work and not used for profit.

CEMN performs contract work for a variety of academic, industrial and governmental users.  Typically this work is considered confidential or restricted and CEMN does not hold intellectual property rights.

Customer information may be shared with our partners but is not publically available without consent of the customer unless required by law.