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CEMN Rules

Internal users

  1. Users are divided into frequent and occasional groups. Frequent users should make arrangements to be properly trained in order to use the instruments independently. Typically, the access of new users to the instruments is limited to weekdays, during the day. These users will be granted full access as they become more comfortable with the operation of the instruments. Usage of an instrument by occasional users will be carried out by qualified specialists.
  2. Instruments in this center are not free for usage. It is the user's responsibility to ask for permission in advance from his/her supervisor/sponsor.
  3. One user will be trained free for every research group. From the second user on, a training fee will be charged but this fee will be reimbursed after the same user's makes "intensive usage" of the instrument for research purposes. Using the SEM for more than 10 hrs and the TEM for more than 40 hrs within three months of training are required to be considered intensive.
  4. This center is committed to supporting PSU's teaching activity by offering 5 hrs SEM and 10 hrs TEM free machine time for class demonstration. Notification to CEMN Manager should be made in advance and it is class instructor's duty to find a qualified operator for the demonstration purpose.

External users

External users are welcome to take advantage of PSU's resources and to conduct cooperation. A certain rate for using the beam line time will be charged. If the instruments are operated by PSU staff, a charge for their operation will be applied. For details, please contact us.

For both internal and external users

  1. All equipment in the Electron Microscopy Center is available to authorized users. Instruments for TEM specimen preparation may be used without sign-up. If usage of these instruments increases to the point where there are scheduling conflicts, we will initiate sign-up requirements for these items.
  2. Any problem should be reported to the laboratory manager as soon as possible. In addition, users are required to write down the details of the problems they may encounter on the log sheet. Troubleshooting by users is not encouraged. Failure to comply may result in user liability for any damage caused to the instruments.
  3. Late arrival for a reserved time slot by thirty minutes may result in the forfeiture of the remainder of that time slot. In severe cases, we reserve the right to charge users based on their booked time instead of actual usage.
  4. Leaving the instrument unattended for more than thirty minutes, without making prior arrangements, may result in displacement and loss of the remainder of that time slot.
  5. In some extremely rare cases, we reserve the right to displace regular users for works of higher priority.
  6. Long term reservation of a specific time slot may be arranged and should be discussed with the laboratory manager.
  7. Users are required to unload their data from the center's public computer after their experimental session. We reserve the right to delete user data to save hard disk space.
  8. Users are required to record necessary information on the log sheets, especially the time span used. CEMN will make an estimation for an incomplete sheet without discussion with the users.
  9. If there are more than one user scheduled on one TEM, which involves the cold trap of liquid nitrogen, then it is the duty of the succeeding user to inform the previous user to fill the liquid nitrogen after his/her session and arrive at the machine within five hrs to ensure the cold trap is still cold. Otherwise, users are assumed to be the only scheduled operator and must warm up the cold trap by following the appropriate procedure.
  10. As a courtesy to others, if a user must cancel scheduled time on an instrument, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in charges for the intended time slot.
  11. Users of late evening sessions, temporarily defined as after 5:30PM, are responsible for locking the doors and turning off the lights.
  12. All publications involve the data acquired with CEMN facilities are requested to add
    "Microstructural and compositional analysis was performed at Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication, Portland State University. CEMN is supported by NSF, Murdock Foundation, ONAMI, FEI company, Gatan inc, PSU" in the acknowledgements.