FEI Strata 237 Dual Beam FIB

A SEM/FIB workstation equipped with gas injectors, EDS, STEM, and TEM sample preparation (OMNI probe, flip stage, etc.) capabilities. The system is capable of nano-depositing, nano-prototyping, TEM sample preparation, nano-characterization, and nano-analysis with 2-nm imaging resolution and 15-nm milling resolution.

Key features

  • HT (e-beam): 1~30kV
  • HT (i-beam): 10kV~30kV
  • Resolution: 2 nm @ 5kV (e-beam)
  • Resolution: ~7 nm (i-beam)
  • Milling Resolution:15 nm
  • Deposition Resolution: ~50 nm


  • TEM sample preparation
  • Ion/e-beam deposition
  • Nanofabrication


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