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Credit card payments:

Please note: The credit card processor is known to experience difficulty with the Safari browser. If you have trouble with credit card payment on Safari, we suggest trying a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera) or contact 503-725-9968 for assistance after setting up your student account.

Credit registration (Undergraduate/Graduate)

PSU operates on a quarter-based schedule. A quarter credit is equal to two-thirds of a semester credit: if you need two semester credits, you will need to take three quarter credits; if you need four semester credits, you will need to take six quarter credits; and so on. Half-credits are not available at this time.

If you have any questions regarding whether specific classes will meet your particular licensure needs, please consult your licensing board; we cannot provide advising toward specific licensures, as requirements vary license to license and may change without notice to Portland State University at any time.

For detailed registration instructions, please visit the Credit registration page.

Noncredit registration (CEUs/Contact hours/Clock hours)

Registration, payment, student accounts and transcript requests for noncredit classes are handled entirely online through the Continuing Education Course Catalog.

For detailed registration instructions, please visit the Noncredit registration page.