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Professional experience: Student teaching

The student teaching classes are field–based, supervised, professional learning experiences that take place during the last two terms of the initial license program. These courses allow a student to obtain professional work experience while pursuing defined learning outcomes, testing theories and applying skills learned in other courses taken during the student's program.

The process of preparing for student teaching includes setting up a TSPC (Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices) account and getting a security (fingerprint) clearance, submitting an application for field placement, and purchasing Tk20. These steps should be completed as soon as you are admitted to the program:

Due date Requirement Link
At least 2 weeks before registering for class Meet with your advisor to plan your program
Before you begin taking classes Purchase a Tk20 Purchase Tk20
Before you begin taking classes
  1. Complete a Student Teaching Application and submit electronically to the Field Placement Office
  2. Submit fingerprints to TSPC and forward proof of clearance to the Field Placement Office
Field Placement Office

The Library Media Initial K-12 License & Master’s Degree Program Handbook has detailed information about student teaching.