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Our History

Founding of Continuing Education 

When Portland State’s Department of Education became the School of Education (SOE) in 1965, Continuing Education, (CEED) was administered by the state of Oregon’s Division of Continuing Education (DCE), located across the park blocks from Lincoln Hall. Nearly a half century later, CEED is administered by the Graduate School of Education (GSE) and is housed in the GSE building on the campus of Portland State University.

How was CEED founded? 

Over the years, DCE developed professional and certificate programs for academic units at Portland State and other sister institutions in the Oregon State System of Higher Education. All this changed after July, 1976, when the centralized functions of the DCE were abolished, and the Division’s units became branches of local campuses. During this period Dr. Ken Waldroff, an experienced DCE staff member from Salem, transferred to DCE at Portland State, first assisting the School of Business, then spearheading a separate continuing education unit for the School of Education (SOE).

In 1982, Dr. Waldroff and his assistant Pati Sluys moved from the DCE building on the park blocks to the sixth floor of the newly constructed education building on Harrison Street to operate the CEED unit in the SOE. This two-person team coordinated the details for all Portland metro self-support credit and noncredit education-related courses and workshops. Ms. Sluys’ prior experience in establishing and coordinating credit and noncredit courses for DCE strengthened the team. 

Dr. Waldroff became a member of the SOE dean's Academic Advisory Committee and worked closely with department heads and other faculty responsible for curricular matters. This arrangement greatly facilitated the planning and coordination of courses (the off-campus courses were offered through a different unit—the Division of Continuing Education (DCE). The CEED programs flourished during these formative years with all credit courses being approved by the GSE’s appropriate department. Although limited, the continuing education courses provided additional funds to support instructional aims of the SOE’s departments. 

In 1983, Pati Sluys moved on as administrative assistant for Dean Don Leu and in 1987, Director Ken Waldroff retired. Dr. Cheryl Livneh was named the new director of CEED, and was given the mandate to increase the number of School of Education-initiated programs, relying less on cooperative and sponsored courses (courses offered by a school district, educational service district, nonprofit, professional association). During this period, Terri Fogarty, program coordinator, was reassigned to CEED from DCE, and CEED assumed responsibility for education courses across the state. 

Dr. Livneh began the development of a collaborative program in human services in the early 90s involving the School of Education’s Counseling Department and the School of Social Work. The offerings have expanded into graduate certificates and distance learning workshops and courses. 

In 1995, the Training and Development program, originally developed at Tektronix, was moved from the School of Extended Studies (SES) formerly DCE to CEED. It had been started by a faculty member in the School of Education, but been offered through SES until that time.

In 1997-98 the School of Education’s name officially became the Graduate School of Education (GSE).

In 2002-03, the CEED/GSE preK-20 offerings continued to expand, with the use of distance learning, to national and international audiences. 

In 2003, the Early Childhood Training Center transitioned from SES to CEED, adding capacity in consulting and working with the early childhood community. At this time, all of the education programs—preschool through adult learning—had been moved to CEED in the GSE.

The Center for Student Success in CEED was founded in 2005, to work with preK-12 schools on student achievement projects.

In July of 2007, PSU moved CEED administratively from SES to the GSE, making it the fifth unit (department level) in the school. 

Today, November 13, 2012, CEED has grown to administer, in collaboration with academic departments, everything from one-day workshops that support professional development of preK-20 educators, trainers, and human service professionals, to master’s degree programs and graduate certificates. Its Center for Student Success, Early Childhood Training Center, and the Center for Healthy Inclusive Parenting offer consulting, technical assistance, and a wide range of services. 

CEED personnel has grown from the original two employees to 18 in professional positions, with eight support staff coordinating 28 programs and approximately 1500 classes on an annual basis.  


2009 Continuing Education Department
Front row, left to right: Patty Maxwell, Dwight Rundle, Andrew Wright, Becky Miller, Paul Beaulieu, Rachel Gooneranthe, Linda Jessell, Cathie Anderson.

Back row left to right: Marion Sharp, Julie Puris, Mary Foltz, Leah Blackthorne, Kayla (student), Kate McPherson-Hope, Kristen Pilgrim, Cathy Kirchner, Sherri Elsworth, Kathy Lovrien, Aubrae Matthews, Cailin O’Connor, Cheryl Livneh, Ruth Murray, Michael Anthony, Linnea Goranson, Leah Hershey, Val Katagiri, Nancy Eichsteadt, Greta Krahn.

Sources: Contributions from Ken Waldorf (retired); Pati Sluys (retired; former Budget and Personnel Manager, GSE); Cheryl Livneh (retired; former Associate Dean and CEED Director, GSE); Nancy Eichsteadt, Marketing Director, GSE; Steve Brannan, Emeritus Professor and member, GSE’s History Committee; and publications: The College That Would Not Die, Gordon Dodds, 2000 and Portland State University, The First Twenty Five Years, John Allen, 1980.