NAEYC Credit Information

Participants attending the 2017 Annual Conference may earn one or two undergraduate or graduate credits. Portland State University operates on a quarter system. Undergraduate credit (quarter credit) for this conference is approved through the Curriculum and Instruction Department of the Graduate School of Education. Credit for this conference is assigned the course number CI 410/510.

The 410/510 level may be applied to a program of study as an elective credit upon advisor approval.

One quarter credit is equal to 10 contact hours of class time. Students are able to register for one or two quarter credits. Attend 10 hours of presentations for one credit and 20 hours of presentations for two credits.


1 undergraduate or graduate credit is $80; 2 undergraduate or graduate credits are $140.

Quarter credit vs. Semester credit
A quarter credit is exactly one quarter of the calendar year, typically lasting 10 to 12 weeks. A semester credit is one half of the academic year, typically lasting 15 to 16 weeks.

Credits earned under the quarter system are converted to semester credits by dividing the number of quarter credits by 1.5; for example, two quarter credits = approximately 1.3 semester credits.

Credit assignment

In order to receive credit, participants must attend two or more full days of the conference (or the equivalent number of conference sessions). At least 10 hours of attendance at the conference sessions is required per credit. You are responsible for tracking your own hours of attendance and documenting the hours as defined in Assignment #1.

Assignment #1
Write a critical reflection of each workshop/seminar/keynote attended. For each please:

  1. Include the title of the session, date, time spent in the session (total hours), and presenter information.
  2. Describe the content of the session and how the session impacted your understanding of the topics presented.
  3. Critical reflections must be typed. For each workshop, you should write two to three paragraphs. The final document for Assignment #1 should be two to three pages, depending on the number of sessions attended.

Assignment #2
Write a critical reflection paper synthesizing the information learned at the conference.

  1. Be specific in citing how at least three concepts/techniques introduced at the sessions supported or challenged your previous knowledge or assumptions. You may want to use some of the issues or concepts mentioned in Assignment #1.
  2. Raise questions that require further inquiry.
  3. Identify one or more goals that you plan to work toward in your classroom, school, or work setting. Describe how you plan to implement this goal, if possible.
  4. This paper must be typed and should be a minimum of two pages.

If you are enrolled for two quarter credits, note that Assignment #1 covers more workshops and therefore should be four to six pages in length. Assignment #2 should go into more depth on each concept/technique that you encountered at the conference or should cover more concepts/techniques and therefore should be a minimum of four pages in length.

To receive credit for this course, you must submit assignments by December 1st, 2017.

Please include NAEYC and your full name in the subject line in emails and on all assignments. It is helpful to add this information on the top of every page in case pages are separated.

Email submissions to:

Credit grading and receipts

Students can obtain their grades at the end of the term.

Academic quarter: Fall 2017
Final assignment due: December 1, 2017
Grades available: December 13, 2017

To obtain grades and receipts for payment of Portland State tuition, access the Portland State website at

For official transcripts, visit Transcript Requests.