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Grading - Setting up your Odin account

In order to issue grades, you must be the instructor of record for the course. You can access your PSU account (to issue grades) through the Banweb website. But first, you will need to complete what’s called the “OAMing process.” In other words: The first time you do online grading, you will need to go through the Odin Account Manager (OAM) website in order to access Banweb.

The OAM process centralizes your login information for PSU system websites so that you only have one username and password. It also allows you to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it – without having to call PSU. As of January 2010, PSU requires all students, faculty, and staff to “OAM themselves.” Follow these instructions to “OAM yourself.”

  1. Go to and enter your PSU ID Number and password.
    • Enter your PSU ID and password if you already know it. If you don’t, your default username is your Social Security Number and your default password is your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY).
    • If you don’t remember your PSU ID Number or password, call Admissions (503-725-3511, option 5). Ask to have your password reset to your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY).
  2. Once you’ve successfully logged into Banweb, you should be re-directed to the OAM registration page ( Enter your login information again and follow the instructions. If you need assistance, contact the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) Help Desk at 503-725-HELP (4357).
    • You will have the option to link your PSU email account to your preferred personal email account so that PSU email gets forwarded to your personal account. If you don’t intend to check your PSU email account regularly, we highly recommend that you link it to your personal email account. PSU sends important information to faculty via email.
    • Keep your 9-digit PSU ID Number, username (PSU email address), and password in a safe place.