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Grading - Changing grades after the deadline

Submitting late grades requires that you make individual entries for each student on your roster, which takes more time and effort than using the normal, end-of-term grading feature. Online grade changes should not be used to effectively extend the grading deadline. It is very important to submit your grades on time. Late grades can impact a student’s academic standing, financial aid eligibility, Dean’s/President’s list honors, ability to pre-register, visa status, ability to gain admittance to other institutions, and ability to apply for jobs or pay raises.

If the deadline for posting grades on the web has passed (see deadline dates), you may use the Online Grade Change feature to submit late grades or to change marks of I, M and IP to a regular grade (A-F or P/NP). Grading policy allows such grade changes to be made for regular courses within one year of the original term.

To make grade changes, login to Banweb ( with your username or PSU ID and the password you created when you “OAMed yourself.”

  • Click “Faculty Services” → click “Online Grade Change” → select the course → select the student → enter the grade → click “Submit”
  • You may only change one student’s grade at a time. If you need to change more than one student’s grade, select the course again and repeat the process.

You can use the online grade change system for all grade changes except for the two types that still require submission of the paper Supplemental Grade Report (SGR) form: changing an A-F grade to P/NP (or vice versa) or submitting a grade change after the one-year mark. The SGR form is used because this type of grade change requires the signature of the department chair.