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Grading - Accessing the online grading system

For an explanation of the PSU grading system, including definitions for the various grading options (A-F, I, IP, W, P, NP, AU, and M), visit: If you need to issue an “Incomplete” grade, read the “Incomplete Grades (I)” section. You will find a link to “Incomplete and I to F Policies,” which includes a form that you should use as a contract between you and the student receiving the incomplete grade.

To issue grades, first check the deadline dates to see if the grading period is still open for the term. If grading rosters are available for the term, login to Banweb ( with your username or PSU ID and the password you created when you “OAMed” yourself.

  • Click “Faculty Services” → click “Final Grades” → choose the appropriate term and course from the “Select a Term” drop-down list → click “Submit” → select your CRN from the drop-down menu → click “Submit” → enter grades for each student → click “Submit”
  • If students are missing from your roster, contact Continuing Education at 503-725-8279 or