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Cooperative Credit Program - New Course Proposals

To obtain cooperative credit for your course or training, you will need to send PSU the following information on your course and instructor(s).

Sample application materials:

Submit your documents by email to:

Approval process and timing

Once your application materials are submitted, the Cooperative Credit Program will review them for completeness and forward them to the appropriate academic department for approval. The Cooperative Credit Program will notify you of the outcome within three to four weeks.

If approved, you may advertise your course as a PSU course and it can be advertised in the CEED quarterly catalog. The catalog is distributed to 12,000 educators in Oregon. In order to include your course information, we will need your complete application (proposal, syllabus, résumé, and information sheet) at least two months prior to catalog publication. View the publication deadline datespdf for current information. If you do not wish to include your course in the catalog, we will need your complete application three to four weeks prior to the start of the class.

Registration Process

Once your course is approved, we will email you a packet which includes a blank roster with the course number on it. Evaluations are required for all PSU classes and will be emailed directly to your students using the email address on file with PSU. The rest of the materials you will need for registering students and issuing grades can be downloaded from the Instructor Forms page of our website.