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Cooperative Credit Program - Contact Info

Students can refer to the Information for Students page for answers to questions about grades, transcripts, and receipts. For the most direct answers to all other questions concerning the Cooperative Credit Program, contact the following staff members:

Graduate School of Education

General Questions: For students or agencies seeking questions related to registration, course status, and general assistance. Registration packets

Julie Wolleck, Program Manager - Agencies: new course proposals; general questions/concerns; 503-725-8234 or 1-800-547-8887 ext. 58234

Mark Mentzer, Registration Coordinator - Students: registration issues; billing and payment inquiries; 503-725-4825 or 1-800-547-8887 ext. 54825

Alan Willoughby, Executive Support - Agencies: repeat course setup; changes to existing courses; 503-725-4671 or 1-800-547-8887 ext. 54671

Mailing address:

PSU Graduate School of Education
Attn: Continuing Education
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751