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Q: Has my course been approved?

A: Contact Julie Wolleck with all questions regarding the approval process: 503-725-8234,

Q: I did not receive my registration packet yet, what do I do?

A: Contact us at or 503-725-9942 to find out if the packet has been emailed to the correct address.

Q: What is my course number?

A: Your course actually has several course numbers, used for different purposes:

University Course Numbers: SPED 510, CI 810 are examples of university department and course level numbers. These are standardized numbers that will appear on your transcript. TSPC will review your transcript to determine whether a course will qualify for your renewal process. 

Destiny Course Number: Used in the CEED catalog and by agencies for registration: 992S - 003 Example: Transformed Anger: The Surprising Purpose of Anger. 992S is the catalog number, -003 is the catalog section. The catalog number will stay the same throughout the life of the course, and the section number will be updated each term.

Course Registration Number (CRN): A 5 digit number used in the PSU credit registration system and appearing on your transcript to uniquely identify your class. This is the number that is used by Registration and Records and used on evaluations.  

K Number: A former number used by CEED to organize and track our classes. This number was discontinued in spring of 2012.

Q: When can I enter Grades?

A: As soon as the class is entered into the PSU Banner system, you will be able to submit grades. For cooperative agencies, the GSE has to receive the registration forms from you in order for the students to be registered. This may take several days, because the GSE double checks all student information before we sent the registration forms to Admissions and Registration to register the students. Traditionally, we give a 10 day window for grading to allow time for the registrations to be processed.  

Q: I cannot access the grading system, what do I do?

A: Contact Mark Mentzer (503-725-4825 or to discover if you have been set up in the PSU Banner system as an instructor. Have the following information available when you contact him: your PSU ID number and whether you can access the system at all.

Q: I cannot see my class in the grading schedule, what do I do?

A:  Contact Mark Mentzer  (503-725-4825 or to see if your class has been added to the PSU Banner system, and if a cooperative class, if the registrations have been received.  


Q: Will I be able to use this class to renew my license?

A: Only TSPC can determine whether which courses will count toward renewal of your license. Many GSE Continuing Education classes have worked for students in the past, but we encourage you to run the information by TSPC before you spend the time and money on a class that they may not accept. TSPC will want the department and university course number, (e.g., SPED 510, or CI 810) to determine you if it is acceptable.

Q: What is a cooperative agency?

A: A cooperative agency (e.g. school district, non-profit, professional organization, government agency, for-profit) is a group that develops courses for which a PSU department approves academic credit. The cooperative agency designs the course, an academic department approves the course and instructor.  The cooperative agency teaches the course and grades it. The credits for the course will be on your PSU transcript as a PSU course. If you have questions about the content or delivery method of the class, please contact the agency.

Q: How do I register for a co-op class?

A: You register initially with the agency by contacting them directly. Generally, you call the agency or fill out a registration form at the first class session that will then be sent to PSU Registration. You should have a PSU ID number before you submit your PSU registration (If you do NOT have a number, see instructions below for how to obtain one). You pay the agency their fee per their instructions. The PSU credit fee will be assessed when your registration is processed at PSU, and a bill will appear in your PSU on-line account. Bills are sent on the 16th of each month.

Q: What if I don’t have a PSU ID number?

A: You will need to go online at the PSU website and complete the Continuing Education Enrollment Form ( to establish your PSU student account. There is a one-time $25 fee (for perpetual record retention), with a $2 processing fee. You will have to do this once. You will be given a PSU ID number (a nine digit number starting with 9). Follow the instructions for setting up your ODIN account. Your ODIN account will give you access to PSU email, grades, transcripts and billing information.

Q: Can I still register?

A: You can register for many CEED classes at any time during the term dates; for other courses you can only register before the term starts or up to one week into the term with a special registration form. A table that designates how to register at different times during the quarter can be found at

Q: Am I registered?

A: Check your ODIN account to see if the class appears in your schedule. Classes offered by a cooperative agency will not appear immediately in your schedule. If you registered with a cooperative agency, please allow some time for the agency to send the registration to PSU and for it to be processed into our system.  Follow the agency’s instructions with regard to starting your class. You will probably be able to start the course work even if your registration has not been processed in the PSU system.

Q: Where do I send my registration?

A: If you are registering for a cooperative agency course, you will call or send the registration to that agency. If you are taking a PSU open enrollment class, you will register through the online Banner system, if your registration falls within the registration window. If you are submitting a paper registration form, please submit it in person to Mark Mentzer in the Graduate School of Education.

Q: How do I pay for classes?

A: A bill will appear in your ODIN account for your PSU charges. If you have registered with a cooperative agency, there are two fees you will need to pay: one for the credit(s) to PSU, and one to the cooperative agency for the instruction. The PSU credits will be paid for through your Odin account after the fees are assessed and appear in your account; the agency fee will be paid directly to the agency. Contact the agency regarding this payment.

PSU accepts credit registration payment in the form of check, money order, credit card, and e-check with the following associated fees:

  • e-check - $0 fee. Online setup required during payment process **recommended** 
  • Check/money order - $0 fee. See address below.
  • Mastercard/American Express/Visa – 2.75% of total registration amount

Mail checks to the following address. Please include your PSU ID number in the memo section:

Portland State University
Student Accounts
PO Box 908
Portland OR 97207


Q: Will I get a paper bill?

A: The circumstances under which you will receive a paper bill are not ideal. You will receive a paper bill if you have not completed the OAM process (fully setting up your ODIN account) and your PSU email address is not listed as your primary account. Additionally, if your account remains unpaid for two billing cycles, you will receive a paper bill which includes additional charges for late fees and interest ($10.00 billing plus 1% interest). It is always best to access your account and pay your bill when it appears there.

Q: How do I access my online account?

A: Having access to your student account (ODIN account) is the best way to stay on top of your bills and grades from PSU. When you create an account, you provide the answers to up to five security questions. Answering two of these questions will grant you access to your account. If you can’t access it in that way, please contact Admissions at 503-725-3511 (press 5 to speak to someone) for assistance.  

Q: Someone at PSU says they cannot find my class in the system, what do I do?

A: You should contact the GSE directly. The GSE is a unique department. Often other departments of the university are unfamiliar with our terminology and database systems. 


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Banweb: Your Banweb account contains your personal and academic information.  Bills, grades, transcript ordering and scheduling information is found here.

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