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Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Smith received the Portland District Corps of Engineers Design Award 1998 Engineering Excellence 2000 Award from the Consulting Engineering Council of Oregon and was the 2000 Oregon Section ASCE Civil Engineer of the Year. Over the past 24 years Dr. Smith's research has focused on providing Geotechnical Engineers improved input for computer modeling of design problems. Of particular note is the research conducted on understanding arid collapsible soils, pile behavior under horizontal load, conversion of ODOT's RCAD guide, and reliability based design (RBD) probabilistic slope stability. The collapsible soil studies have defined soil behavior under wetting conditions, methods to test with insitu tools and design methods for the calculation of foundation settlements on these soils. All of these foundation engineering research studies have included insitu testing based design and analyses, with special emphasis on the role played by the prebored Pressuremeter (PMT). Portland State's geotechnical program has a national reputation for PMT work and application of its variety of probes and 3 control units feature in the curriculum, as well as research endeavors. Dr. Smith developed the graduate program in geotechnical Engineering and has advised over 50 MS students. Over the past 6 years, Dr. Smith's research interests have turned to 'geo-pedagogy' for application of 100% digital, CD and DVD, multi-media professional geotechnical education with partnership with the university's large multi-media group. The five modules completed to date include Soil Nails, Ground Anchors, Rock Slope Catchment Design and the ESA in construction. Dr. Smith is also active in professional activities, including development of digital media continuing education, and seeking ways to fully engage the private and public sectors into the academic enterprise. As well as the two required undergraduate classes Dr. Smith has taught Advanced Shallow Foundation Design, Advanced Soil Mechanics, Geo-Environmental Engineering w/Geo Synthetics, Geosynthetics in Infrastructure Engineering, In Situ Testing and Behavior of Soils, Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering, and Deep Foundation Design & Analysis.

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