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Exchange Program Brings PSU Water Quality Tool to Brazil
Exchange Program Brings PSU Water Quality Tool to Brazil

Nayara de Souza came to Portland State University to study environmental engineering as an exchange student. She returned to her native Brazil armed with an abundant understanding of PSU’s exclusive water quality modeling tool that allowed her to serve as a teacher to her University of Sorocaba classmates.

As a Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders) IIE Brazil Scientific Mobility fellow at Portland State, de Souza worked closely with civil and environmental engineering professor Scott Wells as an intern on projects that utilized the CE-QUAL-W2 water quality and hydrodynamic modeling tool. CE-QUAL-W2 was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to manage dams and reservoirs. The tool is today maintained by Portland State’s Water Quality Research Group.

A friendly and enthusiastic student, de Souza organized a short course on how to use the modeling tool for her fellow environmental engineering students back home – an experience that is typically only available once a year at a workshop organized by PSU for professionals in the natural sciences, regulation compliance, site planning and project management, and other technical experts.

"I wanted to find a way to contribute and show how much I am grateful for the investment that my country has made me,” Explained de Souza. “That is why I organized the short course at my university in Brazil, to pass on the knowledge I learned at PSU.”

The mission of Ciência sem Fronteiras is to promote “the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of science and technology, innovation and Brazilian competitiveness through the exchange and international mobility.” The program is funded by the Brazillian Ministry of Education.

de Souza’s extracurricular efforts not only help Ciência sem Fronteiras achieve its purpose, it also inspired her brother Lucas to follow in her footsteps as a computer engineering student at PSU though the program.

Learn more about de Souza’s workshop and her experience as an exchange student at Portland State University on the Ciência sem Fronteiras blog (Portuguese).