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Ph.D. - Environmental Sciences and Resources

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering participates in the Environmental Sciences and Resources (ESR) Doctoral Program.

All students in this program must take a one-year sequence of courses in ESR, in which environmental problems are considered from multi-disciplinary viewpoints, and two years of the ESR Seminar series. Proficiency in computer language and statistics are also required.

A minimum of 18 credit hours of additional coursework will be required beyond the ESR requirements. Specific courses will be determined by the student’s Ph.D. committee. At least 12 credit hours must be within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

ESR/Civil and Environmental Engineering students must have an M.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering or a related area, pass the comprehensive examination, and the advancement to candidacy examination, have 27 credit hours of dissertation credit leading to the completion of doctoral dissertation, and pass the final oral dissertation defense.

Since Ph.D. students must have an advisor upon to be admitted, all prospective Ph.D. students must contact one of the faculty members in their research area of interest prior to submitting their Ph.D. application.

Environmental Science and Resources degree requirements can be found at