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S3 Program FAQs

Who’s a perfect fit for S3?
Freshman and transfer students majoring in engineering or computer science who could use support transitioning to PSU. Students of color, women, and members of other underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to join!

Do I have to commit to all the program dates?
Yes, students must participate in all listed activities.

What can I expect from S3?
You can expect FUN. First, you’ll be immersed in a dynamic, interactive, challenging, and supportive 4-day Bridge Program in late August before fall term begins. It will be led by a diverse team focused exclusively on your success in STEM.  You’ll experience activities that increase your comfort on campus, and have opportunities to network with faculty, researchers, and a supportive group of administrators and staff. Once S3 begins in earnest in September, you’ll also get to hang out with peers, take a field trip (or two), and pick up some great pointers on how to manage the complexities of college life.

Where/when is S3 happening?
This fall, we're partnering with the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation to host a 4-day STEM Bridge program that will take place on the Portland State University campus during the last week of August. During fall and winter terms events will take place on the PSU campus unless otherwise noted.

Why should I take this opportunity?
Well, because sometimes transitions are hard! This is an excellent way to jumpstart development of your campus community and to prepare for the excitement and challenge of an engineering or computer science major at Portland State University. Most importantly, it’s a way to immediately benefit from PSU’s commitment to diversity.

What does this opportunity cost?
It will cost you your time and effort.  You have a full team dedicated to your success, we just ask that you return with the same amount of dedication.