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Meet Marius Nita
Meet Marius Nita

Marius Nita, Computer Science (2005)

Marius Nita was not your typical computer science undergraduate student. However, because Portland State has its strength in non-traditional students, he fit right in. Marius came to the United States from Romania after only a year of high school, opted to get his high school General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and began working as a programmer for Edge Design & Marketing, a Corvallis-based agency with a satellite office in Portland. After a year with Edge, Marius decided he needed a degree. He began his PSU studies Winter Term 2001, while continuing at Edge part-time, and completed an Honors BS in Computer Science in June 2005.

While at Portland State, Marius was active with the student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). He and another student organized an undergraduate research initiative (see, so that undergraduate students could gain experience doing research. Marius is no stranger to research himself, having worked with Computer Science Professors Tolmach and Antoy for the last two years on a programming language project. This work resulted in the co-authorship of a paper, Implementing Functional Logic Languages Using Multiple Threads and Stores, for the 2004 ACM International Conference on Functional Programming in Utah.

"Portland State's urban location was a real plus for me," says Marius. "I was always able to do other things while pursuing my degree. I always had a part-time job." One of the jobs for which Marius was known around campus was his job as Computer Science Tutor Coordinator. Marius received the 2005 Maseeh College Outstanding Undergraduate Service Award for his involvement with tutors and with the ACM, for starting the Programming Languages special interest group (PLGroup), and for organizing the undergraduate research initiative.

Marius completed his senior Capstone project on "Linux Kernel Testing," working with IBM Corporation during his junior year, and wrote an honors thesis on functional logic languages his senior year.

When Marius isn't working or studying, he enjoys bicycling (his primary form of transportation) and snowboarding.

Marius has been accepted to the University of Washington Ph.D. Program in Computer Science. No doubt, we'll be hearing great things about this exceptional Maseeh College graduate!