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Meet Kathryn Mohror
Meet Kathryn Mohror

Kathryn M. Mohror, 2005-2006 Maseeh Fellow

Kathryn M. Mohror, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science, is one of Portland State University's stars. While at Portland State, she has earned her B.S. in Chemistry (1999) with honors and a 3.8 GPA, her M.S. in Computer Science (2004) with a 3.91 GPA, and has a cumulative GPA of 3.93 towards her Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Working with her advisor, Professor Karen Karavanic, Kathryn's research focuses on the branch of computer science known as high performance or high end computing. Research in this area seeks to push the boundaries of the maximum current limits on computational power, in both hardware and software.

Kathryn has co-authored numerous publications for conferences on supercomputing, the most recent of which was entitled, "Integrating Database Technology with Comparison-based Parallel Performance Diagnosis: The PerfTrack Performance Experiment Management Tool," SC2005 Supercomputing Conference, November 2005, Seattle, WA. Her awards include the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference Student Scholarship Award (August 2003); the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award (1999), PSU Department of Chemistry; and the Outstanding Student in Analytical Chemistry Award (June 1998), PSU Department of Chemistry.

Kathryn's master's thesis research examined performance tool support for parallel programs that use a communication interface called Message Passing Interface (MPI). She developed new metrics specifically for measuring the performance of the newer MPI-2 features, so that application developers could better understand the performance of their applications. Collaborating with researchers at the University of Wisconsin, designs from Kathryn's thesis were integrated into their existing parallel performance tool, Paradyn.

During her academic career, Kathryn has proven herself as a valuable employee with such jobs as Laboratory Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Research Computing Consultant, Computer Programmer, and Research Assistant. From June–September 2004, she worked as a Technical Scholar for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Her work at LLNL was valued so highly that funding was obtained to help support her as a research assistant at Portland State during the next year while her advisor, Professor Karavanic, held guest researcher position at LLNL.

A natural leader, Kathryn has served as President of the PSU Computer Science Graduate Students' Council for the last two years, building it up from a fledging group to a mature organization.