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The First Annual, Campus-Wide Student Research Symposium
The First Annual, Campus-Wide Student Research Symposium


"Research is creating new knowledge"

—Neil Armstrong

In May, Portland State University hosted the first annual, campus-wide student research symposium. The symposium was organized by numerous campus offices and oganizations including: the Roland E. McNair Scholars Program, the office of Research & Strategic Partnerships, the office of Graduate Studies, the PSU Library and many others.

The symposium brought together undergraduate, post-bach, graduate, and doctoral students from departments across the university. English graduate students mingled with electrical and computer engineering undergraduates. Doctoral students in the Graduate School of Education shared a space with chemistry students. Hundreds gathered to exchange ideas and celebrate student research.

Read about several of this year's participants below.


Audrey Lingley

Graduate School of Education

Kate Washington



Milodie Butsch

Speech & Hearing Sciences

Nicole Zimmerman

Electrical Engineering