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Work-life balance (if the boss approves)
Author: Office of Marketing & Communications
Posted: January 15, 2006

A recent survey of human resources professionals revealed that 56 percent of companies surveyed allow employees to address personal or family issues on company time.

The "Work-Life Flexibility and Dependent Care Survey," conducted by the Regional Research Institute for Human Services at Portland State, WorldatWork,(r) and the Alliance for Work-Life Progress, found that a rising understanding of the need for work-life balance is now challenging the belief that long hours at the office equal success.

Although the survey results are encouraging for workers, the data also show that there is still progress to be made before use of flexible work schedules becomes commonplace, rather than an individual accommodation for employees with special circumstances. In addition, the survey revealed that flexibility is more often than not at the boss's discretion-in nine out of ten organizations the most common way for employees to request a flexible work arrangement is to verbally contact an immediate supervisor. To view the complete survey results go to