Intel Vietnam Scholars

Intel Vietnam Scholars is a program sponsored by Intel Corporation that provides transfer engineering students from select Vietnamese universities the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in >Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, or Supply and Logistics Management at Portland State University.

This program not only provides each student with an excellent education and international experience, but also prepares them for a career in Intel’s semiconductor assembly and test facility in Ho Chi Minh City when they return home. Since 2009 73 students have participated in the program, joining Portland State’s graduating classes of 2011, 2012 and 2014. The program is expected to sunset with Cohort 3 (picture below) graduated in June 2014.

During their time at Portland State, each cohort of Intel Vietnam Scholars made headlines. In 2012 Cohort-2 won the inaugural Cornell Cup USA, a prestigious national embedded design competition, for their design of a prescription drug identification device. Cohort-3 sent IVS students on each of two teams to 2014 Cornell Cup, one of them secured a second place finish for an intelligent device to help bicyclists and motorcyclists avoid hazards on the road by detecting oncoming threats such as distracted or erratic drivers. PSU's third team designed a PSU's other team designed "Fitness Self-Assessment Tool (FSAT)," a device that assesses and identifies a client's physical weaknesses and recommends appropriate exercises.

Notably, the Intel Corporation was recognized for outstanding citizenship with the Secretary of State’s 2012 Award for Corporate Excellence. Intel's commitment to making transformative educational opportunities available in Vietnam was among many reasons cited for their nomination. Of the 21 students in the Intel Vietnam Scholars class of 2014, 16 are women.