Four-Year Degree Guarantee

PSU promises that full-time freshmen who sign an agreement will get the support and courses necessary to graduate in four years.  If they follow their agreed upon course plan and are still delayed, PSU will not charge them tuition for any remaining required courses. Students only pay for four years.

The College is committed to making sure every student has the resources they need to be successful.  This includes having sufficient preparation for high-level math and science classes, and opportunities to gain valuable research experience as an undergraduate, develop their own student-led innovations, or get an edge in the job market through internships and other professional experiences before they graduate.

Maseeh College departments each have course plans, also known as ”Blue Sheets,” which indicate the path to follow to complete an engineering or computer science degree in four years. If you are interested in participating in PSU’s Four-Year Degree Guarantee program, please be advised of the following considerations:

Math placement.  All Maseeh College course plans assume math proficiency. A Maseeh College student who wishes to participate in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee program must meet the math proficiency before he or she begins the four-year plan. Students must place into MATH 251 (Calculus 1) prior to orientation for fall term via the math placement exam

Sequential course availability. In order to complete a degree in four years, students are advised to follow their blue sheets term by term. This is because many Maseeh College courses have required pre-requisites, or are offered in sequences that build on previous content. These classes are not offered every term.  The students in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee program should sign up for required classes when they are offered during the regular academic year. Some engineering and computer science courses are offered in summer session. They are typically just a few and summer course schedules are usually not known until sometime during spring term - this is why students participating in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee program should not count on course offerings in the summer terms.

Selective admission to upper division classes. All students apply for formal admission to the junior level major classes.  Students who complete lower division courses but do not achieve a high enough GPA may not gain admission to the upper division major classes. Participation in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee program is not a guarantee of admission to a major.

Credit load and study time. Students in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee program should be prepared to manage a load of 16 to 20 credits of math, science, engineering/computer science and general education courses every term. Students must maintain a grade point average such that they will be competitive to be admitted to the junior level in the intended department.  To be successful, students must budget sufficient time for study to handle the credit load. We recommend that at least three hours are budgeted for each credit enrolled. For example, a student taking 16 credits should plan on about 48 hours of study time each week, in addition to the 16 credits of class time, for a total commitment of 64 hours per week for school.

Internships and other growth opportunities. Engineering and computer science students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Maseeh College programs that prepare them for professional careers and leadership positions. They include industrial internships, student chapters of professional organizations and other student organizations, and student-led entreprenuerial activities. Participation in these programs offers tremendous learning and advantages for career development, but it takes time. Students are advised to consider the trade off in benefits between graduating in four years and participating in such programs.

Requirements for Maseeh College Participants in Four-Year Guarantee Program:

  • Begin taking classes at PSU as a full-time freshman. Note: students who are co-admitted at a community college are not eligible to participate in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee. Learn more about co-admission
  • Placement into MATH 251 (Calculus 1) prior to orientation for fall term via the math placement exam
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering students must demonstrate proficiency in programming such that they are ready for CS 162. Contact  Barbara Sabath in the Department of Computer Science at (503) 725- 4220 or at for more information
  • Attendance at an early required new student orientation session to ensure course availability at registration and a commitment to register first thing in the morning (8 AM) on their priority registration date every term as a continuing PSU student 
  • If every section of a required class is full (not just your preferred section) students must contact the Maseeh College Dean’s Office/or Student Services immediately.

If you would like more information or discuss if this opportunity is right for you, please contact an academic adviser