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Faculty Expertise - Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Faculty Name Expertise
Raul Cal, Ph.D. Hydrodynamic turbulence and complexity in fluid mechanics using theoretical and experimental tools. Emphasis on interactions of wind turbine arrays with the atmospheric boundary layer and external effects on the turbulent boundary layer. Use of experimental techniques including tomographic particle image velocimetry, laser Doppler velocimetry and hot-wire anemometry to quantify such flows in scaled environments (wind-tunnels).
Jack Devletian, Ph.D. Welding metallurgy and design; properties of ferrous and non-ferrous welds; and soldering for electronic assembly
Faryar Etesami, Ph.D. Mechanical design; computer-aided design; mechanical tolerancing; and statistical process improvement
Victor Li, Ph.D. Computational modeling of heat transfer; microstructure evolution; residual stresses; distortion; and hydrogen diffusion in welding as well as in other thermal-mechanical material processing
Lemmy Meekisho, Ph.D. Numerical modeling and simulation of materials processes; thermal management; and reliability issues in electronic packages
Gerald Recktenwald, Ph.D., Chair
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); fluid mechanics; heat transfer; thermal management of electronic equipment; and numerical modeling
David Sailor, Ph.D. Urban climate measurements and modeling; characterization of the urban heat island and assessment of mitigation potential; building energy efficiency and green building technologies; regional and local climate interactions with energy systems; including impacts on demand and renewable resources
Graig Spolek, Ph.D. Performance measurement and design of green roof systems; HVAC systems design and control; industrial drying; and industrial energy utilization
Derek Tretheway, Ph.D.
Micro particle image velocimetry; measurements of flow in microdevices; and non-Newtonian fluid flow
Dave Turcic, Ph.D. Analysis and design of high speed mechanical systems; system design; motion synthesis for manufacturing and material handling processes; design for manufacturing, robotics, computer aided design and computer-aided manufacturing; geometric modeling; automatic controls; and experimental methods
Jim VanWinkle, Ph.D. Metallic and ceramic corrosion and electrochemistry; thin films; semiconductor manufacturing
Mark Weislogel, Ph.D. Fluid-thermal/fluid-sciences; macroscale and microscale capillary-driven flows in complex geometries and over complex surface (wetting and spreading); capillary surface stability; passive cooling systems; microscale thermal devices; microgravity fluid mechanics; spacecraft thermal/fluid systems design
Chien Wern, Ph.D. Mechanical testing; fatigue testing; fracture mechanics; manufacturing process optimization; instrumentation; and robotics
William Wood, Ph.D. Synthesis, structure, and properties of materials; analysis of the structure/property/compositional relationships of super-alloys; ultrahigh strength and structural steel alloys; hydrogen embrittlement delayed cracking; laser surface alloying; welding of thick section ferrous and nonferrous alloys; and electroslag surfacing
Sung Yi, Ph.D. Electronic packaging; delamination and failure mechanisms of integrated circuit packages and composites; constitutive modeling and characterization of engineering materials; munerical modeling and simulation of manufacturing process of polymer matrix composites; and integrated circuits packages
Hormoz Zareh, Ph.D. Design analysis and simulation with finite element techniques; computer-aided design; and design optimization

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