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Faculty Expertise - Engineering and Technology Management

Faculty Name Expertise
Timothy R. Anderson, Ph.D. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), productivity management, benchmarking; manufacturing management, engineering economy, operations research
Tugrul U. Daim, Ph.D. Technology evaluation and forecasting, research and development management, technology transfer, technology roadmapping
Robert D. Dryden, Ph.D.Rehabilitation engineering; construction productivity; human factors engineering; and safety
Antonie J. Jetter, Ph.D. Technology and innovation management, new product development, knowledge management, organizational learning
Dundar F. Kocaoglu, Ph.D., Dept. Chair Decision analysis, technology management, competitive strategies, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), multi-criteria decision-making, project management, emerging technologies
Dragan Milosevic, Ph.D. Total quality management, re-engineering; strategic planning; team building, communication, international project management
Paul Newman, Ph.D.

New product development processes and tools; the evaluation and acquisition of emerging technologies; government roles in developing new products or services; the "pull side" of technology development; managing technological innovation in global settings

Charles M. Weber, Ph.D. Innovation management, technological entrepreneurship, new product development, semi-conductor industry

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