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Faculty Expertise - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Name Expertise
Robert Bass Renewable energy systems
Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Ph.D., Chair
VLSI IC's design automation; FPGAs; device modeling; low-temperature electronics
W. Robert Daasch, Ph.D. Integrated circuit and system simulation and design; computational science
Mark Faust, M.S.E.E. Computer architecture; computer engineering
Garrison Greenwood, Ph.D. Evolutionary computation; evolvable hardware; design automation
Douglas V. Hall, Ph.D., Emeritus Computer architecture; multi-computer networks; design automation; VLSI programmable devices; embedded systems
Dan W. Hammerstrom, Ph.D. Biologically inspired information engineering; Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP); Hybrid Nanoscale/CMOS VLSI circuits and architectures for Intelligent Signal Processing; sensor electronics and data processing
Melinda Holtzman, Ph.D. Electromagnetics; semiconductor materials and devices; mobile sensors
Y. C. Jenq, Ph.D. Communications and digital signal processing
Fu Li, Ph.D. Communications; signal and image processing
James E. Morris, Ph.D.
Thin films; nanoelectronics; electrically conductive adhesives; sensors
James McNames, Ph.D., Chair Biomedical engineering; signal processing; predictive learning
Branimir Pejcinovic, Ph.D.
Semiconductor devices modeling and simulation; photodetectors and noise; electron transport; high frequency test
Marek A. Perkowski, Ph.D. VLSI design; artificial intelligence; logic circuits and systems; robotics
Martin Siderius, Ph.D. Acoustics; optics; electromagnetics
Xiaoyu Song, Ph.D.
Design automation; VLSI design; formal methods; computer engineering
Christof Teuscher, Ph.D. Emerging computing paradigms and architectures
Richard Tymerski, Ph.D.
Power electronics; control
Paul Van Halen, Ph.D. Integrated circuit device physics; modeling; characterization and processing
Lisa Zurk, Ph.D. Electromagnetic and acoustic wave propagation and scattering; radar and sonar applications; digital signal processing

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