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Faculty Expertise - Computer Science

Faculty Name Expertise
Sergio Antoy, Ph.D. Programming languages; functional logic programming; narrowing strategies
Andrew Black, D. Phil. Programming language design; object-oriented programming; programming environments
Cynthia Brown, Ph.D. Algorithms; computer science education
Nirupama Bulusu, Ph.D. Networks and pervasive computing; sensor networks; cyber-physical systems; environmental and urban sensing
Lois Delcambre, Ph.D. Database systems; digital libraries; digital government; superimposed information
Karla Fant, M.S. Computer graphics; computer education; programming languages
Wu-chang Feng, Ph.D. Networking; security; on-line games
Wu-chi Feng, Ph.D., Chair
Multimedia networking; sensor networking; streaming graphics; network games
Warren Harrison, Ph.D. Digital forensics; software engineering; spoken language interfaces
James Hook, Ph.D. Programming languages and security
Mark Jones,
D. Phil
Programming languages
Karen Karavanic, Ph.D. Performance measurement and analysis of high end computing systems; sustainable high-end computing; parallel and distributed performance tools; operating systems; multicore computing
Jingke Li, Ph.D. Parallel computation; parallel programming languages
David Maier, Ph.D. Database management; scientific information management; algorithms; health information technology; data stream systems; superimposed information
Bart Massey, Ph.D. Artificial intelligence; software engineering
Melanie Mitchell, Ph.D. Intelligent and adaptive systems
Timothy Sheard, Ph.D. Programming languages; logic; functional programming; meta-programming; Haskell
Thomas Shrimpton, Ph.D. Cryptography
Suresh Singh, Ph.D. Wireless networks; performance evaluation; protocol design
Andrew P. Tolmach, Ph.D. Programming language implementation and tools; software verification
Kristin Tufte, Ph.D. Data stream management systems; database management system implementation; application of database technology to problems in intelligent transportation systems
Jonathan Walpole, Ph.D. Operating systems; networking; distributed systems; multimedia systems and networking
Fei Xie, Ph.D. Software engineering; formal methods; hardware/software co-design and co-verification
Bryant W. York, Ph.D. Scientific computing; artificial intelligence; adaptive games

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