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Faculty Expertise - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Name Expertise
William Asher, Ph.D.
Air-water exchange of gases and heat; thermodynamics of organic aerosols; microwave radiometry of the sea surface; nonlinear laser spectroscopy of energetic materials.
Chris Berger, Ph.D., P.E.
Mathematical modeling of water quality and hydrodynamics in surface water systems including the Snake River, the Spokane River, the Columbia Slough, the Clackamas River system and the Tualatin River, among others.
Robert L. Bertini, Ph.D., P.E.
Intelligent transportation systems, urban transportation, traffic engineering, traffic flow theory, data fusion and macroscopic modeling, multimodal traveler information, sustainability, alternative fuels
Kelly Clifton, Ph.D. Transportation planning and policy, travel behavior, physical activity, land use and built environment, transportation survey methods, pedestrian/bicycle safety, sustainability
Robert L. Doneker, Ph.D., P.E. Mixing zone analysis, hydraulic engineering, pollutant transport and fate modeling for scientific analysis and regulatory decision support; technology transfer through design and development of intelligent simulation systems; analysis and optimization of hydrodynamic processes and environmental impact assessment; human-computer interaction and interface design
Peter Dusicka, Ph.D., P.E. Extreme loading on structures, seismic performance and design of structures, lifelines and non-structural components, implementation of new materials and special devices in bridge building and building structural systems, development and performance of green building structural systems
H. Chik M. Erzurumlu, Ph.D. Dean Emeritus Structural analysis and design of steel bridges; structural stability; bracing design; earthquake engineering; management of technical personnel and organizations
Miguel Figliozzi, Ph.D. Modeling, design and evaluation of: transit and traffic systems, bicycle and pedestrian modes, emissions and air quality, freight and logistics, and smart data collection systems.
William Fish, Ph.D. Behavior of heavy metals and other toxic materials in aquatic systems, with an emphasis on process characterization and options for remediation or treatment.
Mike Gorji, Ph.D., P.E. Development of mathematical and computer models simulating the inelastic behavior of composite material; prediction of failure mechanism and determination of residual stresses in composite plates; time-dependent thermoelatic degradation in advanced composite materials.
Ashley Haire, Ph.D. Public transportation operations; transit ridership modeling and time-series analysis; sustainability; adaptation of transportation infrastructure to climate change; air quality; traffic analysis.
David Jay, Ph.D. Buoyant plume processes, estuarine circulation and salinity intrusion; suspended sediment aggregation and transport; coastal tides; biophysical interactions; estuarine comparison and classification; human alteration of coastal environments; fisheries oceanography and turbulence/mixing in stratified flows.
Gwynn R. Johnson, Ph.D

Coupled effects of physical and geochemical heterogeneities on contaminant transport, fate, and remediation; multi-phase subsurface flow; environmental chemistry; modeling coupled processes controlling subsurface contaminant transport

B. Kent Lall, Ph.D., P.E.

Hamid Moradkhani, Ph.D., P.E.

Traffic management on freeways, arterials and signals using video-imaging technologies and ITS; traffic operations using real-time traffic information; access management and traffic safety; land use and access relationships

Development and application of simulation/optimization methods and ensemble inference in operational forecasting using multi-sources observations, uncertainty assessment in hydrologic prediction; model calibration and data assimilation in distributed hydrologic systems; application of artificial intelligence and evolutionary methods in water resources system analysis; Ecohydrology; impact assessment of climate change on water resources
Chris Monsere, Ph.D., P.E. Highway safety, traffic engineering, freight transportation and freight planning, economic analyses of transportation systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, commercial vehicle operations.
Chris Mooers, Ph.D. Coastal ocean dynamical processes, coastal ocean circulation modeling and observing systems, skill assessment of  predictive models; circulation of semi-enclosed seas; e.g., Gulf of Mexico, Japan (East) Sea, and Prince William Sound; inertial-internal wave dynamics; mesoscale variability (i.e., meandering jets, fronts, and eddies).
Franz Rad, Ph.D., P.E. Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete design, non-linear analysis, earthquake engineering, vulnerability assessment of urban areas to earthquake damage, experimental testing of structural members
Trevor Smith, Ph.D., P.E. Development of improved geotechnical foundation design and analysis methods; Soil/Structure Interaction (SSI) for piles and shafts under horizontal load; reliability of deep foundation axial capacity and LRFD resistance factors for driven piles; Institu testing for difficult soil characterization and direct foundation design, especially with the prebored pressuremeter; moisture induced soil collapse; digital multi-media geotechnical continuing education in rock slopes and anchors
Scott Wells, Ph.D., P.E., Chair Water quality and hydrodynamic modeling of surface waters; solid-liquid separation processes

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