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CyberDiscovery Information for Educators

Cyber Discovery is a professional development program for high school teachers. The culmination of the program is a residential, week-long camp experience for the teachers who, together with partner university faculty, guide a team of students from their high school through challenges involving engineering, computer science, English, history, mathematics, cryptography, and political science. The camp includes movies, lectures, hands-on tasks, and lab and writing assignments that address the history, ethical/social issues, applications, and the technology of security in cyberspace.

What commitments must the high school make? A high school application that names:

  • an administrator (principal or other designated person) who will support and facilitate the team
  • a teacher who teaches one or more STEM subjects
  • a teacher who teaches one or more topics in arts and humanities

By submitting an application, the teachers commit to participate in both professional development workshops (April 18 and May 15) and the camp session (July 6-11) and the administrator offers his or her support.  The professional development workshops and the camp will take place on the PSU campus.

How should we recruit students? CyberDiscovery Camp is targeting students who have demonstrated aptitude in the arts and humanities as well as students who have demonstrated aptitude in STEM subjects. Students must be starting their sophomore year in high school in the Fall of 2015. The high school teachers and administrator should design their own recruitment and enrollment procedures for their high school. 

When will the high school leadership team be engaged in CyberDiscovery Camp activities? The two teachers must attend our two, day-long Saturday, professional development workshops (April 18, 2015 and May 16, 2015) ) at Portland State University. These workshops will cover the material from the first two days of CyberDiscovery Camp to help teachers be prepared. Teachers must live in campus housing (Ondine Hall at PSU) and work with their students in all camp activities during the week-long camp.  The camp will be held from Monday afternoon, July 6, 2015 through Saturday afternoon, July 11, 2015.  Students from your high school will also be living in campus housing and the two teachers are responsible for chaperoning their students during the camp. 

Will teachers receive a stipend? Yes. All teachers selected to participate in the camp will receive a stipend as long as they participate in the two professional development workshops and the week-long CyberDiscovery Camp.

Are continuing education or professional development credits available to teachers? We are working on finalizing the details of professional development credits. 


Application details. We have received applications to fill our 10 slots for Summer 2015. However, schools are invited to apply as an alternate - in case one of the registered schools is not able to make it. Please follow the directions on this online application form

Want more information? Send us an email if you have any questions.