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College Innovation Challenge

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Stay tuned for details about the 2015 PSU Innovation Challenge.

The College Innovation Challenge Competition is an opportunity for students to apply the engineering process to help people. You are invited to identify a problem related to the competition’s theme and present a concept to solve it.  

Theme for 2014 — "Technology for Aging Generations"

The well-being of all people can be helped by technology. When people grow older, their technological needs to conduct their lives increase and may change as they age. There are abundant opportunities for devices and tools to be made better to help older people. 

The following proposals were invited to present their idea to a panel of judges:

Assistive Device for Freezing of Gait Episodes in Parkinson’s Patients - a device that projects a visual cue to reduce the frequency of freezing of gait episodes, a phenomenon common in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease, presented by Jon Petersen (Mechanical and Materials Engineering) and Shea Dillon (Mechanical and Materials Engineering).

Born Again Sleep System - a new type of sleep system that does not use a mattress, padding, or traditional water bed enclosure to reduce bedsores and enhance sleep cycles, presented by Travis Glick (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Justin Ramirez (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), Brad Scardino (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), Matt Weaver (Civil and Environmental Engineering).

GATE: Gestural Tracking for Neurodegenerative Disorders - an inexpensive at-home system for testing cognition and motor function in elderly patients through playful interaction, presented by Noah Zentzis (Computer Science) and Erich Schafermeyer (Electrical Engineering).

Glass X - a handsfree device to assist users with impaired vision, hearing loss or Alzheimer's disease, presented by Tien le (Computer Science) and Heber Miguel (Economics).

Power­ Over ­Ethernet Local Power Infrastructure 48 VDC nominal (PoE­LPI48) - a proposal to improve the safety and quality of life of elder populations by using a reliable, and energy efficient source of power, presented by Eric Thomas (Mechanical Engineering, PCC) and Keith Parker (undeclared major).

Social Media Frame - a user-friendly, secure and familiar device that helps the older generation keep up with a younger generation that is most likely to communicate through technology, presented by Jessica Bare (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Kelly Franz (Electrical and Computer Engineering). 

Each member of the 2014 winning team, Born Again Sleep System, received a $4,000 scholarship to Portland State University’s Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The College also organizes a version of this competition younger students in the Portland-area. Learn more about the PSU High School Innovation Challenge