Changchun Partnership 2+2 Programs

The Changchun Partnership Programs are collaborative undergraduate dual degree programs in electrical engineering, computer science, and civil engineering between Portland State University’s Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science and two universities in Changchun, China: Changchun University of Technology (CCUT) and Jilin Jianzhu University (JLJU).

The programs are referred to as “2+2” because CCUT and JLJU students admitted to the programs may transfer to PSU after completing the first two years of study in China if they meet both PSU and departmental admissions requirements. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Portland State, 2+2 students also receive a diploma from their home institution: CCUT or JLJU.   

The programs employ an innovative curriculum modeled after the core curriculum of the PSU Maseeh College engineering and computer science programs. Students at CCUT and JLJU take the same required math, science, engineering and computer science classes as PSU students in these programs. CCUT and JLJU instructors receive training at PSU as visiting scholars to better align their university’s curriculum and pedagogy with those of PSU. PSU instructors also teach or co-teach some of the courses in China through direct in-person instruction in Changchun or distance-learning methods.  

In addition to math, science, engineering and computer science, CCUT and JLJU students receive English-as-a-Foreign Language instruction following a curriculum developed by faculty from PSU’s Intensive English Language Program.

The first collaborative program started in Fall 2013 at CCUT with a cohort of 121 students in the Electrical Engineering and Automation (EEA) Specialty program. In Fall 2014, a second cohort of EEA students began at CCUT in addition to the first cohorts of students in the Computer Science and Technology Speciality program at CCUT and the Civil Engineering program at JLJU. A number of students from the Fall 2013 2+2 EEA cohort transferred to PSU in Fall 2015. Fall 2016 marks the transfer of a number of students from all three programs. 

Eligibility. The Maseeh College Changchun Partnership 2+2 Programs are open to Chinese students enrolled in CCUT’s Collaborative Undergraduate Programs in Electrical Engineering and Automation Specialty or Computer Science and Technology Speciality or JLJU’s Collaborative Undergraduate Program in Civil Engineering.

To be eligible to transfer to PSU their third year, students must demonstrate high academic achievement and proficiency in English. Students must meet PSU’s academic and English language proficiency requirements for international transfer students, as well as departmental admissions criteria for acceptance into the departments’ upper division programs.

CCUT and JLJU students who transfer to PSU their third year and meet the English language proficiency requirements to take academic classes full-time will receive a $4500 Changchun Partnerships Scholarship ($1500 per term). 


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For more information, please contact Emma Renshaw, Programs Assistant, at or (503) 725-4643.