Awards and Recognition

MCECS David E. Wedge Awards for Excellence 


Each year the Dean's Office presents the David Wedge Awards for Excellence. The Maseeh College aspires to excellence in engineering education and research and values a cohesive, diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for all faculty, staff, and students. These awards recognize excellence in achieving our vision.

David Wedge was an alumnus of Portland State University, obtaining a bachelor’s in Applied Science in 1969.
 An apartment manager and a lawyer by training, having earned a law degree from Lewis and Clark, David Wedge had a passion for engineering and this is reflected in the David E. Wedge trust gift to the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science. 


Excellence in Teaching

The Teaching Award is given annually to MCECS faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in engineering education, a strong interest in the development of students, and effective and innovative practices in the classroom.

Excellence in Service to Students

The Service to Students Award is given annually to a Maseeh College staff member who has demonstrated excellence in the area of service to students.

Excellence in Service to MCECS 

The Service to MCECS Award is given annually to a Maseeh College staff member who has demonstrated excellence in advancing the mission of MCECS by improving internal or external processes or by significant exemplar efforts that raise the profile of MCECS.

Excellence in Diversity

The Diversity Award is given annually to a member of the MCECS community that has demonstrated excellence in enhancing the culture of diversity in MCECS. Diversity is defined to include race, ethnicity, sexual & gender orientation, ability, age, and class.

    2018 Winners 

    Excellence in Teaching

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Winner - Annette Dietz

    Honorable Mention - Evan Kristof

    Computer Science

    Winner - Karla Fant

    Honorable Mention - Daniel Leblanc

    Electrical and Computer Engineering 

     Winner - Doug Hall

    Honorable Mention - Andrew Greenberg

    Engineering and Technology Management

    Winner - Antonie Jetter

    Honorable Mention - Dick Sperry

    Mechanical and Materials Engineering

    Winner - William "Ike" Eisenhauer

    Honorable Mention - Faryar Etesami


    Excellence in Service to Students

    Barbara Sabath

    Excellence in Service to MCECS

    Janaka Jayawardena

    Excellence in Diversity

    Lemmy Meekisho

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