Admission to a Major

Undergraduate Admission

To receive an undergraduate degree from the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, students must first be admitted to both Portland State University and, at the appropriate time, to the specific degree program within a Maseeh College department.

Step 1: Admission to the University
If you are a first-time student applying from high school, home school, with G.E.D. scores or with fewer than 30 college credit hours, please follow the Freshman Admission Instructions.

If you are a first-time student with 30 or more transferable quarter credits (20 semester credits), you will be considered a transfer student. Please follow the Transfer Student Admission Instructions.

If you are an international student who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., please follow the International Student Admission Instructions.

Step 2: Admission to a Major Department
Undergraduate students also must apply to the engineering department in which they plan to major. Generally, students apply to their major department in their last quarter of lower-division studies.





Department Application         LINKS:
Civil & Environmental Engineering (pdf)


April 15 Civil & Environmental Engineering Application
Electrical & Computer Engineering (pdf) N/A

April 15

Electrical & Computer Engineering Application
Mechanical & Materials Engineering (pdf)


April 15

Mechanical & Materials Engineering Application

Computer Science (pdf)

September 1

April 15

Computer Science Application


Differential Tuition
Students admitted to upper-division classes will be charged Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science differential tuition rates for all credits taken. Differential tuition supports career services, internship and scholarship programs, and other resources offered exclusively to students officially admitted to Maseeh College programs. Students who decide to change to a major in another PSU school or college after being admitted to a Maseeh College major are advised to review information about PSU's Differential Tuition Refund Policy.

Graduate Admission

Please follow the Graduate Admission Instructions provided by the PSU Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. If you have questions specific to your intended major contact: